The Pros and Cons of Sharing Online


The Message that The Internet is Forever…

Yesterday I met a mother whose middle son died by suicide. She bravely shared about his life cut short because of two bad decisions. At some point last year he took an inappropriate picture and shared it, privately.

When that picture became public, after being tormented with the possibility for no one knows how long, he decided that humiliation was more than he could bear. His life ended at aged 15. 

How many times have we told our children,

Teachers Among Us

speech note

Imagine living in a world where people of influence openly claim someone you love is not worthy of life? Can you imagine what it’s like to have your own child’s value, as a human being, debated? A world where you regularly encounter the opinion of scientists and doctors who are literally working to eliminate the entire segment of humanity of which your child is a part…and it all happens without public outrage.

It’s not hard for me to imagine

Response to “Those Mongols”

“Those Mongols”

The recently publicized quote from a UK public official using the term “mongols” as a descriptor of people with Down syndrome reminded me of the reason I won’t be seeing David Sedaris perform live when he comes through town next year. 

In his book, Naked, David Sedaris tells us about his time as a volunteer at a mental institution during his youth, including this anecdote:

“The day proceeded, everything from a mongoloid teenager with an ingrown toenail to a self-proclaimed swami who had fashioned himself a turban of urine-soaked towels.

Your Day, Change the World, and LifewithDs

Here on Change the Your World Wed I want to share a project spearheaded by another momma - Meriah Nichols - #LifewithDs Even if, well actually, especially if you don’t have a forum of your own, like a blog or website, go to this spot A Day In the Life with Down Syndrome and share “a day in the life.” Parents, self-advocates, siblings, and/or friends and caregivers, anyone who is a part of the Ds community is welcome to share their story about a day in the life.