So Sue Me…Guardianship

paperworkGuardianship for an adult child is, let’s just say, a big deal.

A big decision.

Every family, in every state, has to sift through a wide variety of information, rules, and decisions. What I don’t love about guardianship is summed up on one word: paperwork. Following this intro in honor of #TBT is a rantish post from March 1st 2013. But before that, I want to tell you about a resource for information about making this decision, 321 ELearning is hosting a webinar on Feb 11th and it will address the questions and options surrounding guardianship. Please, if you know anyone faced with this, share this info and also the link here for a chance at a FREE slot at the webinar. So – go ahead and sign up or go here for a free chance first.

And now, back to March 2013…

When Marcus turned 19 we began the guardianship process. Before we could be approved by the state as guardians, we had to take a class.This annoyed me.  I’ve been Marcus’ mom for half of my life, why do I now need a class? Turned out the class was really about paperwork, annual guardianship forms.  In order to protect innocent people from shysters, there is a lot of paperwork. Most of it regarding money.

Well, this last year was the first year I had to account for money. Marcus began receiving SSI and also got a job. SO, every penny (I am not exaggerating, every penny) must be accounted for. I marked up an expandable file, created excel sheets, cross referenced to his checking account, kept receipts and notes and, when the annual report came due, consolidated and documented. Whew.

Apparently, I did it …wrong.  Today Quinn and I received in the mail an “order for hearing.”


I am absolutely sure the paperwork said I would have the opportunity to fix or clarify anything I screwed up on the first try.  Maybe this is that chance, with a judge. Ugh.

Quinn, whose mind swirls into worst-case-scenario-land pretty easily, will now lay awake thinking the court will swoop in and take our boy because we suck at paperwork. I don’t think it’ll come to that. But I will have to spend money on an attorney to help me through this curve ball. That’s Okay, I’ve been spending money like I have it all week.  Car troubles, computer troubles, web building, tax preparation…what’s one more line of credit? I’m an American.

The good news is, I get to tell you about this.  Once I discover where I went wrong, I’ll be more specific.  I’ll share and we’ll all learn. Isn’t that sweet of the courthouse to call me in so that I can share this part of the learning adventure?

Follow-up: I did learn the minor details that I didn’t include that first year of accounting. It was simply about one more column on the excel sheet, a constant tally of the accounting. (Seriously. I was subpoenaed for that.) No troubles these last two years, except my general grumpiness when the packet comes and I sit at the table, papers strewn, to fill everything out. As we say here at The Sikora’s, sometimes through clenched teeth, Learning is Fun!

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  1. Kerri February 5, 2015 at 2:03 pm - Reply

    I’m sorry but my jaw dropped when I got to the point you had to take a class to be Marcus’ guardian. Seriously? Did they think you just picked him up that morning! This post illustrates everything that makes it difficult to care for our children. Rather than using commonsense there is too much legislation and box checking.

    • Mardra February 5, 2015 at 2:18 pm - Reply

      I Know RIGHT!?! ANd what’s infuriating to me is that they count every penny but just take my word that, well, he’s fine. It’s backwards. In the hopes that our most vulnerable population is cared for, I’d actually hope there would be medical records that mattered over the whopping $6000 over a year in banking. Seriously.

  2. Patti Saylor February 6, 2015 at 5:49 am - Reply

    a fine illustration of beauracracy at it’s finest! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Greg Brown February 7, 2015 at 7:59 pm - Reply

    I have a friend who “volunteers” for his job, just to avoid some of these types of headaches.

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