I’m #SurprisedNotSurprised at how many families tell me that Halloween is a favorite holiday, especially for people with Down syndrome. We could wax theories, compare stereotypical and atypical attitudes about the drama, the costumes, the candy, the alter-ego (villain and super-hero), opportunities to roam the streets in a judgement free zone, or –  OR we could just recognize that Halloween is a fun holiday that allows for people across personality types to let loose a bit.

Here are a few tips to ratchet up the Halloween spirit at your house, with a touch of advocate support in the mix, fun ways to be a champion for and with adults with Down syndrome.

Halloween Mouse Movies

For only $3.21 adults and teens with Down syndrome can learn and chat together about a variety of Disney Halloween Movies. One of the Online courses offered by The Road We’ve Shared. More info here: FUN ONLINE COURSES FOR ADULTS WITH DOWN SYNDROME Or register here for further details and to buy. *Note, it DOES NOT COST to register on the site to get information.

Make Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

Sarah, a 15 yr-old with Down syndrome, and her mom, Valerie, make some deviled eggs that look like pumpkins for Thanksgiving…But we think they look great for Halloween!

This particular cooking episode is a few years old. For the most recent ones, Halloween ready or not – Check out their channel here: Sarah’s Great Day!  

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Get a Zombie T-Shirt

Sean McElwee has a great online store, Seanease, with so many cool t-shirt designs. SO MANY. We met Sandra (his mom) virtually years ago, in fact she is on a What Are The Odds guest blog here. Then we met in real life and sealed what we already knew, kindred spirits. ANYwhoo, Sean just sent Marcus a Halloween T-Shirt and here’s what Marcus had to say:


You can get YOUR shirt here: https://seanese.com/collections/halloween

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BONUS Halloween bit ->

October host’s Halloween, and it is Down Syndrome Awareness Month (#DSAM17) and ALSO #BlackDayBook month. As a Bonus, have you seen this short trailer for the Black Day DVD?

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Happy Halloween! What did we miss?