I just came from the flower counter, where the happiest and saddest of life’s moments are commemorated. Sigh. There’s nothing like a funeral to demonstrate the sharp contrast of just how “Life goes on,” even when we are faced with such a great loss as our friend Captain Kevin Nicholson.

Free write FridayIn pretty much everything I’ve read today there have been the recurring themes of “accepting what you cannot change,” change itself, and the frailty of life. Sorry, what a melancholy beginning to today’s free write.

Marcus has been both frightened and preoccupied with death for the last year or so. He combines the concepts of heaven and zombies, as well as sadness and peace. The mashup in his mind is his way of working through it all. Quinn and I encourage him to share the “socially acceptable” versions of his fear, grief, and understanding, and not so much about zombies and ghosts. (Do you think the reason people are getting into this “zombie” thing so much is because of the fear of their own mortality? Hm. I wonder.)

In other news, Marcus and Quinn and I were interviewed by a local magazine this week and I’m honored they thought to talk to us. I’ll look forward to sharing more on that as it develops. Also Marcus and I saw some great new pics from Noah and the book’s animation. If you Join The Club here for updates (I swear, not too frequent emails) you too can get a sneak peek. And this week the Huffington Post published the blog “What Are You Going to Do When He Grows Up?” Here’s your chance to go, read, comment, share and on.

Well, there goes the timer. Apparently I really am moving in a bit of slow-mo today. So I guess today’s lessons are hug those you love, keep away from zombies, and share the Huff Post blogs.

Thank you friends for reading; let’s do it again next week – Mardra