65.7 million caregivers (29% of the U.S. adult population) provide care to someone who is ill, disabled or aged.

caregivers notebookSo, from this I am going to extrapolate that it is very likely that you, or someone you know, has taken on the role of caregiver to some extent. Are you surprised? Are there “closet caregivers” in your circle of family and friends? People who help another adult with things like medication, tasks, daily living, yet they don’t dare admit, even to themselves, this is now a part of their routine and responsibilities. Often, it’s just what they do. It’s doing what’s right, right now, and claiming the role of care-giver actually makes it all the more overwhelming. I know. I get it. Well, the reason I’ve gone on this little tangent is to introduce you to a new helpful workbook: The Caregiver’s Notebook: An Organizational Tool and Support to Help You Care for Others. It is a manageable way to organize information and also gives stress relief and spiritual guidance to the caregiver.

This notebook is appropriate for families like mine, where preparation for the unpredicted is important as well as for families where it’s time to lay the ground work for the next stage of care for the person they love. If I need to say no more, you’re ready to check this out, click the link to buy or enter this short contest to win a copy:


And if you’d like more information, there is another link to the giveaway and a more complete review on The Road Here.