Happy New Year!

I’m starting 2024 with a bit of a free-write update for our friends who are keeping track.

Back in 2013

Marcus and Mardra Sikora smiling for selfie.It was upon the advice of the internet that I named this website mardrasikora.com, however, the overwhelming reason for most visits, is to check out the life, day-to-day and otherwise of Marcus Sikora. (My adult son with Down syndrome.)

This Year’s Holiday

So, let’s talk about Marcus at the family and friends over the holidays. He’s a delight, first off. Christmas is  magical in his presence because that is what he sees and reflects ten-fold. He’s an absolute blessing.

One of Marcus’s cousins, for reasons unknown to me (if there’s even a reason), wholeheartedly embraces Marcus for who he is. This year, this cousin displayed genuine interest as Marcus excitedly recounted spotting Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. No condescending “Aww, that’s cute” or bewildered “Hmm, that’s wierd,” expressions—just pure listening and reacting to Marcus’ excitement. Although we only see this cousin once a year, I totally love him (even more) for this.

My dad mentioned, between the holidays, how Marcus continues, in his words, “to get smarter.” It’s true! Marcus’ reading continues to improve, over this last year especially. And he’s picking up phrases and nuance in his speech that are sometimes a surprise to us. I’m delighted how he continues to absorb and learn and grow as that is a goal for everyone in our house. Marcus is in his early 30’s, I’m in my…not 30’s, and we all want to keep learning and growing!

Marcus holding baby Liam in his lap. Marcus is smiling at the camera and Liam is chewing on a toyConfession:  I’m the worst – WORST – at taking pictures of humans during celebrations. So I’m sharing a very nearly almost Christmas picture of Marcus and his new baby cousin Liam. (Marcus calls himself “Uncle Cousin” because of the age difference between him and my nephews.)

Time Flies

Oh, goodness—ten minutes have flown by with these words. TEN MINUTES ALREADY. That reminds me, have you tried Chat GPT? Let me tell you, it’s dizzying how rapidly AI conjures words from thin air and thrusts them into the world. Ah, well, but they aren’t my words. Well, partly untrue, I did discover that Chat incorporates some of my experiences and online presence…True story, but that’s a conflict for another day.  (Fun fact, I put this blog into chat to proofread – it’s so quick and easy, but noooo, not me, so I had to revert most of the suggestions back to my wordy, quirky, self.)

TODAY, as New Years Day, we have much to do at home.  Some work on the laptop, a lot of clean-up from the wreckage that holidays create, bills, paperwork and whatnot…

Marcus says it’s a “Do What You Want Day.” So in that vein, I started my morning with a journal rambling to process what’s next, and I did come up with my “word of the year.”

Best wishes to you – Many Hopes for Homes full of Love, Health and Happiness in 2024. Feel free to keep checking on us here.