Marcus in his Downs Design Jeans as we head to Denver

In a few weeks Marcus, Quinn and I will be at a big, fancy fundraiser called Be Beautiful, Be Yourself. We are excited to be attending this event because, well, while it looks like a lot of fun – it also supports the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Let me tell you a little about Global. When perusing their website you may notice that the most extensive drop down menu is under the category: Research and Medical Care. From its inception in 2009, this organization has beat the drums, kettles, the streets, whatever, about the inequities in the funding for research and follow-up and lifetime wellness initiatives for people with Down syndrome. The Sie family has seeded and continued to support a foundation that is growing and achieving by focusing on the needs of people with Down syndrome and their families. I only discovered the existence of GDSF in 2013 and I quickly discovered myself aligned with their initiatives.

I briefly met the founder, Michelle Sie Whitten, once in a quick-between-sessions chat at a conference. I took that brief moment to thank her for the work the are doing for the health and well being of the adults in our community. (I also chatted with her about the race disparities and my hopes this is something being addressed in their research funding.)

If you look at their staff list you will see that although they are working to achieve HUGE things, and are funding research and education opportunities in addition to creating new medical outreach and also several programs specifically related to adults with Down syndrome and their health and well-being, with a very small and mighty staff. They all work hard and with passion.

Black Day DVD DesignThis is the briefest of explanations as to why I am having my own little fundraiser this weekend for GDSF –


This weekend, starting tomorrow, Oct 16-18, Grown Ups and Downs will donate $3.21 for every book or DVD sold through this website to GDSF. Now, maybe you’re thinking – but I already have TFOT - booksBlack Day: The Monster Rock Band. Well, first off I can always suggest another. Or the DVD. BUT I will mention that you can also purchase on of my books, too. If you like a little fiction with your advocacy, give my short fiction a try.

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It may be just one small step, but share the love.

Every book = $3.21 to Global Down Syndrome Foundation this weekend! #Together #DSAM15 Share on X


*Just to be clear, the donations are only for items that are purchased directly through this site – so “Arguing Eugenics” and any merchandising item won’t apply.