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So, once in a while there are perks to networking and putting one’s voice “out there.” This week Marcus and I enjoyed two such perks; first we joined a Q & A with two of The Rockettes (still taunting you, I will share more later), and then today we were invited to the first show of The Very Hungry Caterpillar at The Rose Theater.

It’s actually, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Eric Carle Favorites

It is being put on by the guest theater company, Mermaid Theater of Nova Scotia. Omaha is one of many stops for this group. Marcus and I gathered up Paul from preschool to join us for this one. If you are not familiar already with Eric Carle’s books, first – what?!? Alright, fine, I’ll clarify these stories are aimed at the young audience. Making the 60 minute show-time right on target. This includes a Q & A session to give the audience a peek at how the theater magic happened. I’m getting ahead of myself, let me first tell you –

Awesome puppetry and theater magic!

I was delighted to see this show today because we were basically tagging along with many lucky school aged field trippers. From the moment the show began there were giggles and applause at the magic of the clouds dancing and changing before our eyes. The Mixed Up Chameleon brought squeals of delight from the audience. In fact, Jim Morrow, the show’s designer and director, calls this production a “no shushing show” because any interaction from the audience, via points, laughter, and even call backs, is all part of the event.

Our Paul enjoyed his first theater experience, giving me a grin and thumbs up at the end. Now he’s sleeping on the couch, another endorsement of sorts. The show is playing from today until Sept 21st – Go here for tickets. And don’t delay as there are already a few sold out shows. Hungary Caterpillar Detai;s