Wedding Day.
When I was thin.
I got over it.

Today I’m responding to the prompt: I used to think (but I don’t anymore).

Here are five that came to mind.

Walking the Thin Line:

I used to think it would be better for me to be dead than have any fat on my body.

Since then,…bad news and good news. 

Oh boy, do I have fat on my bones.

But glad to be alive. 🙂 


Learning the Hard Way:

I used to think our legal system had some semblance of/or consideration of/ “common sense,” also that the “little guy “ had some systemic protection against endless allegations that are merely for the sake of harassment. I don’t anymore.

 About Other Parents:

I used to think advocate families of people Ds were all aggressively- hyper-conservative politically and religiously.  Since opening up to the online world, I’ve been delighted to meet advocates across religious/political spectrums and cultural backgrounds.

I’ve found several whose belief systems are similar to mine. Huh. Who knew?

I’ve mixed with families with convictions across the spectrum. I’ve learned new perspectives. I’ve expanded my own.

The Future:

I used to think Marcus would never have his own apartment. I don’t anymore. There are a variety of supported options that will likely make this possible. Neither he nor I are ready right now. And it’s increasingly clear he’ll be ready before I will, so on we prepare for the possibilities.



About Art:

I used to think a person had to be “published” to be a “real writer.” I don’t anymore. That’s baloney. That said, a person just telling me they want to write a book, and want to share their great ideas, is also not a writer. Writers write. Artists create. When you create something, you’re real enough all day long.



Thanks to my Finish the Sentence Friday peeps for the prompt. You can join in, too. In the comments or link up here and tell us, what did you “used to think?”


Next weekend we’re responding to the photo “Open Door.”