Ok, first things first, #1 this video!

We are Goo Goo Dolls fans and have been since, oh…before some of you were born. (Well, probably not many under 21 reading this, but possible!) ANYway, Marcus and I have been singing along (and karaoke-ing too) to many a Goo Goo Dolls song over the years.  I even wrapped up the Goo Goo Dolls song “Iris” into a starter review of a few Broadway shows a few years ago. Marcus singing “Iris” is something that will never not rip my heart out. From when he was 10 years old and still today.

So when I saw the Fan club was making a video to the new song “Fearless“ we said – We’ll play! Then they assigned out the sections and Marcus’ received the lines:

“I’m tearing apart all the labels. Throwing my luck on the table.”


Now, I told you years ago, Marcus and I don’t “live fearless.” We know that “Fear must be faced.“ and in that, we endeavored. More recently, in these Covid-times, I shared about Fearless and Fear-full in Can you imagine? – we were recording Marcus’ bit for the video that weekend so “Fearless” was on my mind. 🙂

So, here is the link, enjoy!  (It can’t be “embedded” so just click on over to Youtube to check it out.)

#2 Creature comforts


I’ve taken to reading “the easy classics” this season. I started with Treasure Island and figured if  Dickens mentioned it as an escape for young Scrooge, it should be good for our time, too. I read the Alice in Wonderland books and a few old Noir mysteries. Also, I thought now was the time to brush up on “Rip Van Winkle,” as I too have been doing a lot of sleeping and thought he may offer some tips. 🙂

Apparently I’m not alone in this phenomenon:

Also I’ve gone to my personal favorites to reread. One of these is Douglas Adams’ Long Dark Teatime of the Soul. Funny and weird, plus he rearranges language in a way that makes me smile.


I like this one, too:



Then this quote here, which I relate to at the moment, “After the miserable lassitude of the last few weeks, he suddenly had a great deal that required his immediate attention.” Much of day-to-day has been a blur and now I’m facing a tsunami backlog of to-do!  I’ve got to dust myself off and power-in – ugh!

Old Movies

Another creature comfort I’ve overindulged in is TV, for me it’s old movies. I mean Oooolllddd movies. Here’s a clip from a few movies I’ve watched about a thousand times this year. And though the movie plays while I’m also writing, reading, cooking, solitaire-ing, I always put down my phone to watch and smile at these bits.  Every time Benjamin Carter smiles I’m warmed inside. These two men (him and Mantan Moreland) did great work which started in vaudeville but then so much more. These “interrupting” bits delight me every time.

Cooking and Getting Ready for Fall

 I’m still doing a lot of cooking. You can check a few pumpkin recipes here, but there are more to come as Autumn approaches with sweater season and warm drinks coming. Yesterday we enjoyed a savory and a little spicy pumpkin hummus (original recipe here) and today we’ll be adding pumpkin to a warm veggie chili to have this week. Stay tuned on our Facebook Page for some pumpkin related pics and tips. (Plus lots of fun October news, of course!)

One more thing Bill Waterson pointed out about Fall to smile at:

#3 Be Beautiful, Be Yourself

We gussied up last week and  Marcus took to the runway. Yup. With a small group cheering – masked up and several feet away – Marcus walked an Omaha Runway (As done up by the amazing team at Omaha Design Center) for the cameras of the Be Beautiful Be Yourself crew and staff from the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

They are hosting a fabulous event which will air November 14th and you can celebrate, too! This will be, as always, a star studded event, including celebrities from around the world and most importantly, spotlighting people with Down syndrome who will shine in a “virtual “ fashion show.

Global knows how to throw a party and I’m confident this event will rock your world, even if you’re on your couch.

Global continues to lead in research and medical outreach for people with Down syndrome. You can check out the COVID additions/information on their website dedicated to improving medical outcomes for those we love. the teams in Denver have been aggressively advocating through this particularly difficult time for everyone, but honestly even more for the disability community. Our most vulnerable are being minimized…and it’s heartbreaking.


But wait- I’m supposed to be focusing on the smiles. Ok – so emphasizing the importance of fundraising for this cause in addition to the glorious spotlight Global provides with this annual gala, we are thrilled they are facilitating a safe and still festive celebration!

Here’s one sneak peek pic from before we left home.

I wanted to take an after shot at home with champagne, but he got into his t-shirt and shorts before I could say one more…! Oh. Well. You’ll have to tune in in November for the rest of the  red carpet and runway event! That’s a smile you can look forward to, too. 🙂

AND OMG – I just saw this and I am adding it to the smiles list!


His 99 YO mother said, “I don’t know what I would’ve done without him,” said Mrs. Walker.

Love. Love. Love.

Now A little something about this picture.

So, earlier this year I saved this photo as a potential prompt. I took the picture several years ago because the tree shape amused me. It looks like a dinosaur, but in an animated sort of way.

I originally posted it on an art-sharing site, with the title “Dr. Seuss Tree.” Just last week however, the estate of, or company of, or manager of, or attorney of, or someone like Dr. Seuss somehow saw this title for the photo and didn’t approve of the use of the name. So, the photo was “taken down.” I maybe should’ve know better.  I can, probably, repost with a new, not infringing upon any copyright, title.

Ironically, this situation also made me smile. Maybe it’s because I imagined a real person (not the robot program I’m sure it was) looking at my photo going, “Hay! She can’t say that!” Or perhaps it’s because I thought of me ten years ago thinking “Dr. Seuss” was public enough or maybe even Cool enough with the idea. Or it’s possibly the inconsequentialness of it all still somehow coincided on the week I planned to share this photo in the blog hop. Kind of amazing in a way. 

In any case, it needs a new title. What do you think?


This has been a FTSF post with the photo prompt and question: “What are you smiling at?” We can all use a smile, so jump in and share.  Let’s smile together.

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