So amazing –

Free write FridayThe more I know, the more there is to know. With every new convenience there is also a new distraction. With everything I do, there is more to do.

Is it me?

A few weeks ago I shared on Facebook my appreciation for the many young faces of children with Down syndrome that their parents share with other parents and with the world. How they have each other and share their challenges and joys, making the world a smaller place.

FB post

Last night I was thinking about the other side of this coin.   How I reach information overload and choose to hunker down with only my boy, with my family, and right now. Sometimes to digest where we are and what we are facing and sometimes to have a reality check.

When he was a baby, I read the book(s) I looked for information and assimilated. Then, as the story goes, he rolled over. He was only 2 weeks old and it made me realize, those people don’t know my son. Only Marcus will choose Marcus’ path

Yet, I  still have this issue today. I can get over-informed and wrapped up in the future and its concerns and not focus on the now. Which incidentally, I always feel I should be doing more in. As I juggle the demands of life, and my work, goals, ambitions, passions and also sleep, actually, it’s kind of amazing how I can still make time to worry about the future. Where did I start this? Oh – Right. Too much information and yet so much more to know.

That is the quandary we find ourselves in, eh?