#TBT Post – interesting where we were Jan 2014 and where we still are on the job problem – but, to be fair, Marcus has been busy with the book. Jump back in time with me and then I’ll share the updates below, too.

Marcus needs a new job.

First you should know, when we first enrolled Marcus in the Madonna School, already battle fatigued from tests and numbers and scores, I retreated from the whole testing scene. I gave the Madonna School complete permission to invite the city/state “experts” in at the every three year mark to test to their heart’s content (some state or federal rule, probably coincides with money) but I would not be present for these tests. Done. Over it.

Also to consider, not long after Marcus started elementary school, my job began supplying free workahol. I added it into my coffee, my soda-pop, then like many before me, I started drinking it straight from the bottle. My addiction grew and I “missed” most of Marcus’ school years. (thus Marcus and I are in the “work club”) My husband attended nearly every IEP without me.   OK, with that tiny bit of backstory out of the way…

Enter the DHHS

I have begun the process of applying for assistance with the Department of Health and Human Services. I’m told this is something we should have done years ago because it is an arduous process with a looonnngggg waiting list for services.  Having sent the initial application and appropriate medical forms, I have one last set of paperwork to send: his MDT and IEPS.  You other parents are likely already familiar with these acronyms, but in case not, the MDT is a Multi-Disciplinary Team (evaluation) and the IEP is Individualized Education Program (Plan in the UK).

OK – still with me?

I picked up copies of Marcus’ last IEP and MDT from the school to send off to the government abyss.

Notice the fact that I don’t have a perfectly organized filing cabinet with all of this at my fingertips?
Yeah, I’m doing that wrong. 

I looked

So last night, I looked for the first time at his most recent MDT, which incidentally was 5 years ago, and first off discovered…Quinn was at that meeting. Anyway, I suspect he reacted to these experts the same way he reacted to me when I pointed to the psychologist’s input page and said, “This is kind of depressing.”

“I think it’s funny,” he said. And laughed.

I, on the other hand, began to defend and argue with these test results (from 5 years ago). Sigh. Best I wasn’t there.

Quinn shrugged me off and at this point Marcus came downstairs to gather Quinn for a voice-over session.  Marcus said something funny, we all laughed, and I commented, “He’s way above average in sense of humor.”

“And timing,” Quinn added.

Another sigh. At least this will confirm to the state what they need to help us in getting Marcus a job, which is where this started, remember?

Right. A job.

The crux of the matter is Marcus is a moderately mentally handicapped adult with Down syndrome and finding a place where he is both useful and safe is a challenge.  Add into that mix, embraced – and then we’ll have a winner. But…I do need help. There are programs that assist people with disabilities to get job placements.  Also, there are services that will continue his transitional training to better prepare him for a new job. However, there is one more thing to consider: his creative personality and imagination. (Which, to the credit of those involved, was actually included on his MDT paperwork. Surprise, surprise.)

marcus at workMarcus is much like me in the sense that he likes work. He wants to feel a part of something. School…meh. Work is something he can sink his teeth into – so to speak.

He also likes to create and can’t help but follow “the movie in his brain.”

Sigh.  Where does that leave us? 

Back to the paperwork, I’m afraid. 

I’m off to gather a manila envelope and postage. I’m also off to research more options for printing the book he wrote last year. It’s so good! And I want to be sure we do it justice.

Yes, his book will be ready before mine. But to be fair…it’s shorter.

Is everything a prologue with me? Yes. This really stands as yet another prologue to inform you of the adventures we have yet to pursue and figure out.  I’ll let you know the effects of the paper trail and the many options we consider before Marcus lands himself another job.

***So, it’s 2016 (WTF? I know, right? Anyway…) Here’s the updates. Yes – we did get Marcus story published and now you all know it is as good as I said. We filed the DHHS paperwork, then we (read: me), alright I, got confused and frustrated and stopped giving the “necessary” information to complete the process. Sooooooo – now I have to start ALL OVER. (Yes. I am that smart.) However, Marcus and I did have a meeting with Voc Rehab just before the holidays commenced in full force and we are going to work with them to pursue for him a job. Because, like I said, although he has his creative side, he really likes to work.  SO, that’s the 2016 update.

I hope you leave a note that you were here and come back again, too 🙂 

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