I’m a Leo. So it stands to reason, for my fortieth birthday, I celebrated for a whole month. Really. I had more than one big party and several small parties, all in the name of my birthday. One night, I sang for like, seven hours at Karaoke, another I reserved a deck for an outdoor concert, I went to smaller, intimate dinners, lunches and brunches, and well, you get the idea. i mention it because… 

This year I am forty-five.

And…I actually didn’t remember my birthday was barreling down on me until on the weekend a friend sent me a text,

“You’re probably celebrating your birthday tonight, but come out with us if you can!”

What, wait? Is it time for my birthday?

I didn’t go out, I stayed home and worked on the book tour calendar, felt guilty for not having the energy to go and instead created “events” (you should check it out, it’s filling in quite nicely) and was in bed with a good solitaire game at about 10:30, wishing I was awake enough to read.

I also took that time to think about, what do I want to do for my birthday? I concluded: I want to go to my favorite writing spot in town and work on The Innocent Prince. My neglected story.  

Marcus suggested we have a Disney marathon and watch some of my old favorites. That sounds nice too.

It’s not that I’m avoiding my birthday

It just snuck up on me. For some reason, I keep thinking the next week-month- year will go a little bit slower, I’ll get more done and yet also get more appreciation in…I haven’t cracked that yet.

In honor of another year passing, here are a few pictures from my Facebook Page that I don’t hate: 

Ms Collage

Here are a few clichés that I can confirm as today’s “birthday wisdom”

It turns out, books *don’t* actually write themselves. Click To Tweet


They’re right; I’m *not* getting any younger. Click To Tweet

And yes, We’ve bet it all (and more), let’s hope go for broke doesn’t leave us that way… Click To Tweet

In January I told 2015, I want it all. I’ve got 4 more months or so…let’s do this.