marcus photo booth 007It’s so hard to keep up with you! You’re thinking.

How can I be alerted to all of the fun and thought provoking blogs shared on

Ah shucks, you’re too kind.

*Spoiler Alert* Self-serving post to follow, but those who know me know, I’m not above asking. 🙂

Well, let me make it a little easier on you. Here are some options:


1)      Sign up for the newsletter: It’s the Join the Club button on each screen. There are two options: Grown Ups and Downs, for real life updates, ponderings and rants about life at the Sikora’s and The Innocent Prince which includes short fiction, updates on the book and other writerly stuff.

The newsletter is delivered to your email inbox about every two weeks and includes brief info and links back to the articles on the webpage.

 2)      Bloglovin’ Ooooohhhh yeah, my latest addiction.  It’s easy to find me and sign up.

If you want to keep all of your blog readings in one spot, this is a great way to do it.

Here’s where you can “follow” me.


3)      RSS Feed: For those of you organized enough to check and read your RSS feed, I got one! You can find the link on my home page or try it out here.

4)      Facebook: Mardra’s Page aka Mardraspage Be Sure when you click like to also click “receive notifications,” otherwise you get about 1 in 7 of my inspiring, helpful and never self-indulgent posts. Well, actually, if you don’t click “receive notifications” you’ll likely only get my self-indulgent posts, because those are the ones Facebook likes to share, almost exclusively. Ugh. Anyway, I place each of my blog posts on my Facebook page in addition to many other links and info that I find interesting. And please, make the Facebook Gods happy and share, share, share!


Of course I’m also on Twitter and if you’re on Twitter – Let’s totally connect! You guessed it: Mardrasikora


Now, if you’re still with me, and I must say I’m very proud of you if you are, I have a request. If a post makes you think, question, emote in any way…please comment. It’s a selfish request, truly. I want to hear from you. I want to know what works. I want to make this the best site ever.


SO, what do you want from me?  No, seriously. Tell me and let’s go change the world.


Probably my most popular Tweet to date:




  Personally, I like this one: