Let’s talk about music, again, some more…

Click on Picture to read full disclosure

Click on Picture to read full disclosure


As we do in the Sikora house. We talk about music…a lot, and we enjoy and live and breathe music…a lot. SO, Marcus and I are very excited to have been invited by the Omaha Performing Arts to attend the Kurt Elling sings Sinatra show at the 1200 club in the Holland Center. Even if you can’t join us there, I’ve got three thoughts to share and a video treat, too, for Theatre Thursday!


First thought:

Sinatra sang these lyrics written by Sammy Cahnsomebody loves you

When somebody loves you, it shows in every smile

When somebody loves you, your life becomes worthwhile

Always caring, always sharing everything you do

When somebody loves you like I love you


And for the record, I feel that about how Marcus loves me. It makes everything worthwhile.

Second thought: 20-somethings love Sinatra Too!

Marcus has always had an eclectic musical taste.

I don’t know where he gets it. (FIBBING) For his 18th birthday we thought we’d continue to encourage this and asked as his gift list that folks bring music that they loved, perhaps considered “classic,” their favorite disks from now or then. What a great line-up he got! Off the top of my head he got, Bee Gee’s, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, Lady Gaga, and Dean Martin, to name a few.

I suggest this idea to anyone who wants to expand and build their music collection – It was fun to see “who brought what” and connect those friends to the music. Plus, of course, the music. Marcus loves Elvis to Thompson Twins to Matchbox 20 and now, one friend has gotten him to enjoy a little country music, too.

The friend of ours that gave Marcus the Dean Martin CD was herself only, hmmm, early 20’s let’s say. Also eclectic with her musical tastes, but Sinatra and the Rat Pack have been her favorites as long as I’ve known her. So when we saw that the Omaha Performing Arts is presenting Kurt Elling Sings Sinatra – HALLO – we called her right up and asked her to join us for this show.

1200Club_smallThis friend has never been to the 1200 club yet, and in case you haven’t either, I’ll tell you, I love it! Marcus and I saw Vienna Teng there a few years ago, that concert led us to own every CD she’s ever done (see the review of her latest album here).

Quinn and I saw Delfayo Marsalis there and, oh, knocked my socks off. So yes, OPA brings in great performers. But the venue, too, is great fun. The room feel is quite intimate, there’s no bad seat. The audience enjoys the show at small candlelit tables with drink and light hor d’oeuvres. It’s a fancy feeling date night at super reasonable prices. The last show we saw, the Marsalis show, we sat with a lovely young couple from Kansas City on a short trip to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Third thought

When people lament their worries about the future for their children with Down syndrome, I reassure them with a joking wink, that life gets better because once your child is 21, they can go to the bar with you. Hehehehe. But seriously, since Marcus turned 21 especially, we have become big time concert buddies. And I love it. (The Elling show isn’t a 21 and over show, but it has a jazz nightclub feel.) Shows that Quinn isn’t interested in or has to work during, well, no reason for Marcus and I not to enjoy! (Plus there are shows all three of us have rocked together, last year we saw Depeche Mode in MN, Marcus and I are serious Depeche Mode fans. We bonded.)

Anywhoo – here’s the final thought and treat to share with you. Marcus and I will be seeing Kurt Elling in an intimate setting without need for big screens and 12 foot amps – but Elling can swing any size venue with this great clip from the BBC will show:

#OmahaFriends: Join us Thursday, April 23, 7:30 p.m. or 9:30 p.m. Tickets are only $35 and still available here. ($40 day of show) 

PS – I also just learned this:

Kurt Elling. Boom.