Before rsIt’s no secret, I’m a semi-hippie, or at least I look like one. I rarely wear make-up and if I do, it’s hardly enough to merit the effort. I am most comfortable in earth tones and long skirts. And I wear my hair long and straight. As the white hair comes in (as it has since I was in my mid-twenties) I am less and less inclined to color it out.

So what was I – of all people – doing in Lark, a Blow Dry Studio?

Well, I’ll tell you. Taking care of the “caregiver.”

Everyone has different and appropriate reasons for visiting Lark blow dry studio – to look good/feel confident for a meeting, to gussy up for a night out, or to r-e-l-a-x.

I may want to be a hippie, but I don’t live like a hippie. Even my family has to make an appointment to see me because I am booked solid with commitments, to-do lists, and lofty goals.

So it’s no surprise that if I want/need to do activities that are self-care; I have to make an appointment, even with myself, to make it happen. I’m not exaggerating. And I suggest you consider doing the same. Because taking care of you is important to success in any/everything.

To be the best mother you can for your children, requires a life and a body to keep it in. Ideally, a body that you are comfortable working with. And that requires self-care. To be a success in whatever your passion is, also requires energy and focus and these things – I’m sorry to tell you – require self-care. I’m sorry to tell you because it’s just One. More. Thing.

Am I right? I mean self-care has the reputation of selfish-living. Annnnndddd that’s not true. But it’s a hard reputation to shake. So today I’m not only here to give you permission to take care of yourself, but remind you of the necessity.

And there’s More!

I’m also here to help – if you’re in the Omaha area (sorry friends across the pond and closer) – with a giveaway. Easy Peesy Friends. 3 steps.

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And BAM – You have entered a drawing to win a Blow-Out for you AND A FRIEND – Oooooh Yeah.

Lark Blow Dry the process2

Follow this link, if you’re wondering, What is a Blow Out exactly?  My blow out was done with Sherry and she pampered me with the wash and condition and I did not realize that a blow dry could be a relaxing experience. Seriously.


after rsPlus, Sherry did not poof me up or fill my hair with hairspray and other products. If you’re into that – she will for you – but I’m not, so she didn’t. My point is, the stylists are interested in what makes you feel your best. So 1–2-3 to enter and if you want more chances: check out these other two blogs:

The Bauble Blog &

West End Retro

each will also give you a crack at the win. But do it now, ’cause your chance ends next Monday August 11.

*Grown Ups and Downs Newsletter is updates, not too frequently, about Marcus and Down syndrome advocacy. The Innocent Prince is a quarterly update about us in publication.

*PS I did not receive any material or service compensation for this review and blog, only the opportunity to include you, lovely readers, in the giveaway. So enjoy!

**PPS If your wondering what Quinn thought, I believe his words were something like, “That’s sure some dry hair. Yup. I can tell you had that hair dried.  I think the effect was lost on him.