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Getting Caught in The Rain

Let me tell you, until you’ve had a school bus full of children (presumably) laughing. Loudly. As they pass the street corner where you are frantically covering and moving garage sale “treasures” while being soaked by an unexpected downpour, you haven’t lived. That is one small moment from yesterday which is why Free Write Friday is actually on Saturday, this week. 


This week flew pretty quickly by me, Richard Dawkins and an unexpectedly morbid and outdated website, ironically called, both grabbed my attention, then shook my head until it pounded. Soon families rallied and rallied and the clamor broke through the ignorance, well, we tried anyway. And we also supported each other, and that fact stands with immeasurable value. 


This is my husband’s Facebook Post on the matter. It made my eyes fill a bit:  


As a side note: I have these great tea-cups given to me by one of my mothers, and today “Sinceri-tea” was the first volunteer from the cupboard. Isn’t this a lovely cup?
It helps me to focus on an important word of the day.
So today I continue with sincerity.

This coming week we (from The Road We’ve Shared) are a part of a 321econference on Creating Healthy Habits with the One You Love. I will be sharing more in the coming weeks on both websites about bits of what I’ve learned, Marcus’ journey, and so on. I hope you mark your cal. For Aug 28th, 11:00 am central time. It’s a 2 hour session with plenty of opportunity for Q & A. We hope to inspire and brainstorm with you. 

ACK – Timer already!

Well, I wish for everyone, if you have to scramble in a summer rain, I sincerely hope it can at least bring joy to others. And I hope for everyone the warmth of love, of knowing they are wanted (As Green Tea Ginger so beautifully put it), and of solidarity for good. Those are pretty good lessons for this week.

What did you learn?