That time of year when my brains start seeping out of my ears. No, it’s not the Zombie Apocalypse or Halloween Voodoo, its #DSAM2014 and I am overflowing. How about you? Well, it’s not over yet, friends, so let’s throw this big one into the mix. Stephanie at The Road is trying to bring into focus this information:

“A U.S. government study has found a sharp racial divide in life expectancy for people with Down syndrome, with whites living twice as long as blacks.”

(From ABC news in June, as an example of a quick and short blip that didn’t seem to gather much attention.) For you visual learners, check this out:

race descrpacny

OK. Another quick and short blog that includes a Call to Action was posted this weekend on The Road: People with DS living much longer, unless they’re white. The thing is, it takes people talking to get people looking to get the questions to get the answers, am I right? SO let’s talk about this, let’s ask for answers, let’s make change, shall we? So, I’ve cheated a lot this month, by sending you somewhere else from here. 🙂 And there’s more to come!