This week we shared stories that advocate for and with people with disabilities from around the world. Really great stuff.

Here is a line-up of the links and take a trip down the rabbit-hole-of-awesomeness for more!


By the way, although we are across the great pond, one of my favorite interviews Marcus has shared about Black Day was on the SCOPE blog.

Storytelling As Advocacacy

In our next session, we continued with more videos. We are trying to make a point here, people!

A few trailers from TV:

Then there’s one of our favorite short films, “Learning to Drive” the trailer is here:  If you want to know why it’s a favorite, check out this review here: “What We can Learn from the Short Film, ‘Learning to Drive'”  

Another great short film we didn’t get to talk about is “Menschen.” I was so moved by that film I wrote and wrote and wrote about it. Start here: “Menschen the Movie as Art: A Brief Review.”


Advocacy Campaigns:

BBC Three did several of the “What Not to Say” Videos and they are super educational, honest, and human. A few others, include:

  • SO try a few and then you’ll get lots of prompts for more. Maybe take a day off work and enjoy. 🙂