Five Little Things

Marcus laughing on cue as a customer

I love it when Marcus laughs a certain deep catching his breath kind of laugh that pretty much only Quinn can inspire in him. That’s the best sound. 

I love it when my nephews are glad to see me and want to tell me the cool things they’ve learned or ideas they have. That’s the best feeling. 

I love it when a colleague has an idea and our team reacts ready to try it and/or celebrate it. That’s the best way forward. 

I love that my husband brings me hot tea when he hears me wake up and stir in the middle of the night. He’s the best at taking care of me. 

I love that I get to write the words, and occasionally they line up and dance. Even if no one else reads them, it’s still the best way to feel whole. 

These are five “little things’ that shine a light in my blessed life. 



This short and sweet post is doing double duty in Feb – First to to join in with Finding Ninee on Finish the Sentence Friday, I see the light in… 

Then in the #LoveBlog2020 challenge – “Little Things”