Happy February! Let me just start by saying if February goes by as quickly as January did, this is going to be the shortest year on record. 


(Checks notes) 

SO, it appears there are actually fewer days in February than January, but more days this February than most years, so…

My previous comment still stands. I don’t know what’s happened to this year already. 

And even though I feel “behind” barely over one month in already – I am accepting Belle Brita’s Love Blog Challenge. With the promise to myself – and You,  Dear Reader, that most of these Feb blogs I will keep short. (You’re Welcome.) 


The #LoveBlog2020 is 20 days of prompts, in this, February, the month of loooooove. Right? I accept the challenge…kind of. I don’t intend to post for all 20 days – but most. Consider it like I’m going to walk the marathon, instead of run it. 🙂 

The #LoveBlog2020 is 20 days of prompts, in this, February, the month of loooooove. I'm playing (and by playing I mean writing) are you? Click To Tweet

Blogger Friends – Check out this list of prompts and play along! It’s fun to get in a hop outside of our normal circle. See how everyone else lives and their takes on love, life, marriage, singel life, dating, children, and on and on. Follow along!

Ok. Let’s roll. 

Valentine’s Day

So, Feb is the month of love because Valentine’s day is smack in the middle of it. This year on Valentine’s Day I will be attending the touring Broadway production of A Bronx Tale with Marcus and our good Broadway Buddy, Julie.

In our recent year’s travels to NYC and Broadway shows, we never got to this one. It always made the short list, but not the final cut, so I’m delighted it’s coming to Omaha! Marcus told me (from the ads) it’s a combination of Westside Story and Jersey Boys. So that sounds pretty great. Although I’m hoping for a less tragic ending. I know there was a movie version, so don’t tell me how it ends! Be sure to check out our Facebook Page after to hear what Marcus and I thought of the show. 

You know how I promised to keep it short? Well, I meant it. This one is really more your intro to Stay Tuned! I’ll be back with more of my full-of-opinions-self soon. 


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