from carLoving, wishing, moving, riding, needing…

What lovely and powerful words. These words are a gift from two lovely bloggers, Harvesting Kale and Ot & Et, who host a link-up asking for where these words take you right now.

This week has been a mash-up of these emotional verbs.


hotelOn the drive Marcus sat, riding in the passenger seat during our short “Doctor Road Trip.” From my perspective, Marcus seems to love nothing more than hotel stays. He was loving the “work club” time and he also loved singing Broadway songs on the drive to KC and back. While we were there the doctors each told us the importance of moving. Moving to music, moving with weights, moving during commercials: “To stay healthy you must keep moving!”


A few times this short trip Marcus seemed to really be wishing I understood his words, his intention, on the first time he spoke it. He gets better and better at the charades game we call communication, but sometimes both of us lose patience, and I’m sure he’s wishing to not have to work so hard to tell me his thoughts.


Needing a new job is a tricky thing for Marcus. We talk about it, he really wants to work. I’m struggling to get the pieces in place for him. I’m wishing I had the organizational paperwork skills and wherewithal to have had the process better in place already. Because I am daunted by the immensity of the situation, so I am moving through it like walking through mud.


Today I did not have a complete emotional breakdown upon receiving another rejection note, as I usually do, because I am riding the wave of a recent acceptance of a short story into an anthology. I am needing more wins to offset my constant feeling of failure.


Through everything, I have a loving husband and son who are cheerleading me along and an abundance of friends. Today, even with the wishing and needing, I am the luckiest person I know.

What about you?

What are you Loving, Wishing, Moving, Riding, Needing?