Are you effing kidding me?! I want to tell you all about everything, but…is  too much! Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? So let’s start with this video:

Alright, yeah, Jamie Foxx was cool.

Then there was Madeline Stuart, her Mum, and entourage, I was a bit of a fan-girl, there. I tried to look calm, but I’m not gonna lie – the fact that she walked alongside Marcus at the finale’ just made my heart EXPLODE.


So many of our friends and family came to support the event and they all looked Fabulous! They were as glamourous as any other VIP. (Totally VIPS!)

So many friends and pictures we didn’t even get! But this is a start. 🙂

Marcus adores Deondra Dixon, and he’s not alone, she has a serious fan club. (Her dad and family are always gracious to us as well.)


Here’s another celebrity-show-off moment, This Guy (Dennis O’Hare) is a Tony Award winner and Marcus really enjoyed talking Broadway with him as well as sharing a few Irish then Scottish caricatures.



OK – I wrote a bit that’s more journalisticky with lots of pics for the HuffPost here: Everyone Shines at the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Event– feel free to check it out and maybe share with your crowd. This post is sharable, of course, but it’s really for you – our Peeps – The HuffPost one may speak more to the masses. 🙂


PS – Did you see Marisa Tomei’s Facebook post?



PPS: Did you see the Tribute Video Global Made? Check it here:

PPPS: Did you see Marcus gave a speech that I crashed? Check it here: Marcus’ Speech at #BBBY17