Marcus’ Big Night

at the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself 

included a tribute video.

To start with, Marcus gave a speech in front of 1200+ people under the spotlights. (That speech is here). He spoke to journalists and faced the flashing cameras on the runway. (One of my favorites is here). And he ROCKED the runway. Marcus and the Stars!

Like most successful, public events, it came after a lot of practice. He practiced his speech. He practiced his model “moves.” It also helps how many big events he has been a part of this year, TV interviews, speaking at the UN, and “gigs” teaching kids and grown-ups in classrooms and libraries across the country.  This one was, and we knew would be, different in a few big ways. The most critical is the sheer energy and emotion in the room.



We’ve now had time to process the video privately and he saw it several times with family and friends at our Omaha follow-up party last night. So, now YOU GET TO SEE IT.

I have three more things to say about this:

  • Someone dear to me said, “That video made me want to be a better person.” She is already one of my very favorite people in the world and she is a mom to two young boys. When my son was the age(s) of her boys, we would not have “inspired” anyone. We worked through what I call “social services mornings” where I was just sure one of us could be taken away at any moment. I mention it because, well, this growing up and into ourselves (and that’s true for Marcus and me) is a process. We all need to accept to take as long as it takes to “fulfill our destiny” and then, well, do that. 🙂
  • There are many reasons that we got to this place, got to this opportunity, and got to embrace it. Not the least is simply the combination of money and privilege. I am not fool-hearty enough to ignore this point and hope that we are, at the very least, using these advantages to be of some help to others by being the best advocates we know how to be. I truly do believe the medical and scientific work Global is doing will be beneficial to all the Ds community. We are a family of learners and hope to share what we learn as we go.
  • People, People, People! That’s my Marcus! MY MARCUS. Listen to him, he gives good advice. He’s chosen these lessons to be his mantra and he lives it.-> Be. Who. You. Are.



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