May waiting outside Marcus' bedroom door.

May waiting outside Marcus’ bedroom door.


Three kittens were rescued from an abandoned house


The vet named them Fannie, Mae, and Repo.
We adopted Mae and changed her name to May.

We’re a household of unexpected cat lovers.



Uncle Red

Uncle Red

To make a long story short, we adopted our first cat about 10 years ago and he converted us. Then last year we/I decided Uncle Red (cat #1) should have a sister and we adopted May.

Because cats don’t always love each other right away, aka we didn’t want Red to kill the kitten, we kept them separate for about a week. In that time May was relegated mostly to Quinn and my bedroom and Marcus’ room. So she and Marcus bonded whereas Red and Marcus don’t really chat much.


Now, many a night it goes like this:


May goes into Marcus’ room and lays down. And he proceeds to tell her, “May! It is late. It is time for bed. Get ready for bed. You need to go to bed, May. Busy day tomorrow. I told you already – It is late.” (Sounds familiar, by the way.)

He’s really quite grumpy about the whole thing. Not yelling, but speaking sternly.

It makes me giggle.

He will go on and on and get more and more frustrated with her blatant insubordination until, often, we have to call May from the room or go get her and then she, quite contentedly, goes on her way.

I think at bedtime each night she goes to his room to have him tell her all about his day (as far as she’s concerned) and he gets to pass on some of the bossing around he is subjected to.

Everyone wins! 

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