Menschen PosterSo we got to see Menschen the movie on the big screen.

I wrote my original review and all subsequent rants after seeing it on the small screen of my computer. Seeing it in a theater environment, as it was intended, moved me in new ways. One reason, because I felt like, up to this point, I held a secret that I was just bursting to share. I delighted in the idea that the community, my community, joined in and experienced this independent film with a strong message.

Of course I was particularly anxious for Marcus to see the movie, mostly because our new friend Connor is in it. We were all looking forward to hearing Connor chat a bit about the movie and his experience, but unfortunately he was sick. His dad, Brian, graciously stepped in and eased our disappointment by sharing stories on Connor’s behalf.

As expected, having Connor on the big screen did impact the audience, each in a personal way, and this was evidenced within the Q & A. Jenny K, a strong self-advocate in our community asked about getting started with film. She is already acting with the local “Loud Mouths” and joins in the Art of Imagination programs, Brian Long encouraged her that starting with these groups and watching for opportunities is exactly the way to begin.

She made an additional note about Connor and herself, she said that she also has Down syndrome and that, like Connor, “I don’t hide it. I’m proud of it.”

See?! SEEE?!

This is what Sarah Lotfi, the movie’s director, has heard and experienced across the country. This. It impacts people to see “Someone Like Me” in the movies. I mean it. This is a large part of why I held so much anticipation for Marcus to see this work in the theater.


Marcus didn’t feel the need to ask any questions, only take the mic. long enough to tell Brian, “Your son is awesome.” So, I think he liked it.

words in the worldThe film was brought to Omaha as a cooperative effort by The Arc, The Ollie Webb Center and Region VI Developmental Disabilities Council. Any endeavor takes cooperation and support, and that is my segway into introducing my guest blog on the Arc website, “When We Move Forward Together, Anything Can Happen.” For my Words in the World Wednesday, I encourage you to jump over the Arc blog and read up on Marcus theater adventures, Connor as a ring leader, and how none of these exciting steps are taken alone. OK – That’s my preface. Go, enjoy, share and see ya back here soon. 🙂

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