Marcus Natty BookSometimes we just have to say: “Looky what I got!”


This little book came across the pond. It is a sibling’s story to share about Down syndrome and what it means to a family. Mia and her mom are doing their best to change the world and I am honored to have received a copy of their book. Here’s a bit more about the book and its release. “I Love You Natty: An Important Book Announcement.”

If you’re on my side of the Atlantic, don’t worry, I expect you too will get a chance to share this book with those you love. Really! I will keep you informed as the information on this develops.  

WAIT – This is a #TBT post originally from Oct of 2014 and TODAY I have more to tell you about this book and how you, YES YOU, can get a copy (or two).  

First, about the book: You can read in the above “Book Announcement” for info from the family who created this lovely, informative, look at Trisomy 21 as told by Mia, the older sibling, with a little help from her mum, Hayley. Some notes from readers include: 

‘A simply beautiful and touching account. I wish this book had been around when my daughter was born.’

‘Every parent and medical professional should read this true story of life with Trisomy 21.’

The book itself is a 28 page paperback intended to be a tool for other siblings entering into the journey. Parents aren’t the only folks who crave information when the words Down syndrome are attached to someone they love. DSA’s looking for a basket book? This one is a winner.

Speaking of winning… you can win one as part of The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome Grand Prize Giveaway! Oh Yeah, click this link here – YOU’VE GOT ONE MORE DAY TO ENTER.

Or – you can also buy it “stateside” via Amazon – [aio_button align=”right” animation=”pulse” color=”yellow” size=”medium” icon=”none” text=”Buy I Love You Natty Via Amazon in the USA” relationship=”dofollow” url=””]


Now, Back to  a bit more about Downs Side Up

As I remember it, a few years ago a friend of mine (Kelly, of course) directed me to a blog called Downs Side Up. The first blog I read there? Who knows? Whatever it was it only took one and I loved it. I went back. And back. I did not yet have a blog myself and was beginning to poke around the online community.

When I wrote my essay, Arguing Eugenics, I reached out to Haley, the DSU momma, and asked her input and advice on a home for it. She graciously replied to and encouraged me. She also used a guest post of mine which served as an early launch into my online presense. A virtual friendship was born.

I often tease Haley that I want to be her when I grow up. From what I’ve gleaned she’s about, let’s give it a year or so younger than me, so that’s going pretty well. But it’s true. She’s a nonstop advocate, going to government committee meetings, taking on bad politics, and even visiting number 10 (Number TEN PEOPLE!) And she does it with grace and positivity. Her theme is gently changing, and she does not waver so under the public eye. She’s an unwitting mentor to me regarding online and public appearances.

If you don’t have time to read through all her blogs right now (and why not?) I’ll get you started. Probably her first most popular and important piece is “What to Say When a Baby is Born with Down’s Syndrome.”

That said, this one -> THIS ONE is my favorite: “The Doctors’ Waiting Room: The contribution our daughter makes.” I want to tell you all about it, but that would be cheating, because you need to go read it. Read it to change your day from whatever today is to a day of perspective. That’s what I have to say about that.

Alright, so, I won’t keep you any longer because now I know you have things to do. A bit of exploration right from home, eh? So, I’ll see you back here when you’re done. If you’re into Facebook and Twitter – she’s there too. Oh, Oh, Oh, and she’s ALSO on the Huffington Post. So, follow along.