Everything I know about self-care, I’ve learned the hard way. Still am.

Sometimes, it’s hard to reconcile that taking care of yourself is an act of love for others. Yet, it’s true.

As a mother, I cannot give my son the attention and security he deserves if I don’t take care of my own body and mind.

As a wife, I cannot give my husband the energy and focus he desires, if I’m not healthy and alert.

And on it goes…right?

Plus, self-care is a hot topic because it’s a hot seller.

Truth is, the best actions to take for yourself don’t cost money and actually help you to make time. Seriously.

I unwittingly became a drum-beater for self-care and today I’m sharing the single most important self-care tip:

1. Breathe.


You looking down at your phone.

You slouching at your desk.

Yeah, you, in the shirt.


Stop a moment and breathe.

I cannot overstate the importance of oxygen to your brain and the positive impact of filling your lungs (and your blood) with air.

Take a minute. Yes…a whole minute, and breathe my friend.

Do it again later. And tomorrow too.


If you need help, go to Chrome and type breathing exercise in Google -> one minute pops right up. Pretty neat.

Yeah, you, in the shirt. Stop. Stop a moment and breathe. Self-care and #LoveBlog2020 Share on X


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