Children’s author Marcus Sikora visited Horace Mann after receiving an award winning letter from a fifth grader.

Marcus Sikora is the author of the children’s book “Black Day”, a Halloween book about a boy wanting to be accepted into a monster band. Marcus Sikora got the idea for the book at a state park.

“I was at Mahoney State Park,” Marcus Sikora said. “It’s a great place to think about monsters.”

Marcus Sikora also draws his inspiration from activities he enjoys, especially theater. He has performed in local plays, and wrote a short one-act play.

What is remarkable about Marcus Sikora is he has done all of this with Down Syndrome, according to Horace Mann student Hadley Cline.

“(I like Black Day) because the author of it has Down Syndrome, but still wrote a great book,” Cline said. “I think people with Down Syndrome shouldn’t be judged for what they look like, but what they can do.”

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