Talents of Omaha author Marcus Sikora shine in first children’s book

A friend of mine sent me a picture of this article in print when it published two years ago. I stumbled upon the online version yesterdy while doing a Google search with my name mis-spelled. What? Nevermind, the crux is: Here’s this cool article about Marcus!

It begins:

Omaha author Marcus Sikora, who created a children’s book about a monster band, recently met with first and second graders of Elkhorn’s Arbor View Elementary School, providing insight into the writing process of his first book.

Sikora, who wrote the Halloween-themed children’s book, Black Day: Monster Rock Band, is an Omaha resident born with Down syndrome. With the assistance of his mother, Madra, Sikora set his sights on writing a fun-loving children’s book about monsters that form a rock band.

Sikora succeeded in becoming a published author, while not letting the fact that he has Down syndrome stand in his way. The writer has refused to accept limits traditionally associated with the disability, instead turning his disabilities into abilities.

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