GUAD_Drawing by Marcus

In 2013 I asked Google about healthy adults with Down syndrome.


It replied with the sound of crickets and a tumbleweed floated across the screen.

So, among a variety of life changes and with pen in hand, we decided to jump into the fray; it was only logical as I was closing in on completing my first novel and needed a website as a launching pad for my writing. Well, you know what they say about “Best laid plans…” here we are two years later and don’t ask about that novel…yet.

Instead two other factors have come into play:

  1. 1) Our world opened up. We have made many new friends and become advocates in this new realm. There really is a thirst for stories from the families of adults with Down syndrome and we want to help bring our truths and the truths of other families into the light.
  2. 2) Marcus’ has written a book too, and wouldn’t you know, his was ready first!

Mother Teresa taught, “You cannot do great things in this world, only small things with great love.” I hope that sharing Marcus with you will change his world, and your world, too, for the better. That’s why we are here.

Following the rules of blog, I post a few times a week short snapshots. I share moments from then (we have 25 years of material to choose from) and I share moments from now. If I leave you with a question, feel free to ask it. If I leave you with a revelation, feel free to share it. If I post a general rant or big news that has nothing to do with Marcus, well, that’s the blogger’s prerogative.

MM-old photo workHere are some suggestions on where to start:


So, here we go…To know my boy, there is nothing scary. To know our life, there is palpable joy. To know our journey, it continues to be an adventure in lessons. If you want to Join the Club, once in a while we shoot out updates.

Thanks for coming by and I hope you are inspired to chat, to share, to come back around.