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No Band HereBlack Day: The Monster Rock Band

Brad is a paper boy who wants to be a rock star, so when he discovers the band Black Day playing in old Professor Hammer’s garage, he really wants to join.

The band’s monsters have a different idea and send him away, “No humans!”

Brad sets out to change their minds, but the monsters have bigger problems than finding a bass player.

Halloween will never be the same again.

Black Day: The Monster Rock Band is by a young man with Down syndrome. His story rocks, and so does he.

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Black Day: The Monster Rock Band is a hardback, 40 page, fully illustrated, story book for children (of all ages, of course!). Plus now you can order the book with the DVD of the animated short, check out the options here:

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You can also purchase the book via Amazon:

International Friends! Black Day: The Monster Rock Band is available on Amazon.UK. Other countries, please contact me here and I will be sure you are the First To Know when the electronic version and international shipping is available. Coming Soon I promise!

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Previews of  Black Day the Animated Short:



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