Learning with Friends

If you have an adult loved one who has Down syndrome, I’m guessing you have read “IF PEOPLE WITH DOWN SYNDROME RULED THE WORLD” by Dennis McGuire, PhD. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend reading the whole thing, but here’s an excerpt as a sneak peek:

“If people with Down syndrome ruled the world:



  • Elvis, The Beatles, and the Beach Boys would still be number 1 on the hit parade (Music of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s would be BIG)
  • Musicals would be very, very, very, big (such as “Grease,” and “The Sound of Music”)
  • John Travolta would be the biggest star.




  • Classic TV hits would be very BIG and take up at least half the TV schedules.
  • “I Love Lucy,” “Happy Days,” “The Three Stooges,” etc. would be very BIG.
  • Wrestling would be very Big.
  • “Life Goes On” would also be very Big and replayed regularly.”



If any of that rings a bell in your life, I hope you’ll take a moment and check out the new online course line-up for adults with Down syndrome by The Road We’ve Shared.

“The Road” Scholars started as a place for parents and caregivers to learn important information and build peer groups around important topics. This year, in honor of National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we’ve added courses for self-advocates.

The online courses are designed to:

  • Allow self-advocates to be the experts
  • Provide opportunities to form friendships based on common interests
  • Design course materials that allow for a wide spectrum of abilities
  • Create an environment of understanding
  • Support continued learning into adulthood
  • Utilize free and low-cost internet-based resources to keep fees to a minimum

With all of that in mind, we’re happy to announce the launch of our first courses in time for #DSAM17.

  • “For The Love Of Musicals” –  Begins October 1st – runs for six weeks. (Fee $21)
  • “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” – Begins October 1st – runs for eight weeks.(Fee $21)
  • “Over The Rainbow”– free mini-course on The Wizard of Oz, and adaptations (The Wiz, Wicked, Muppet’s Wizard of Oz).
  • “Cooking and Nutrition” – Begins October 8 – runs for six weeks. (Fee $21)
  • “Mouse Movies – Halloween” – Begins October 15 – runs for three weeks. (Fee $1o  – On Sale now for $3.21)

We’re starting with two of the big favorites in our community – stage and film musicals, and the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

“Over the Rainbow” is offered as a free course so that parents and caregivers can explore the software environment and course set-up to determine if it is suitable before students enroll in paid courses.

“Cooking and Nutrition” was built around the fantastic YouTube videos of “Sarah’s Great Day” – the cooking show hosted by a young woman who has Down syndrome.

Finally, “Mouse Movies – Halloween” is a short course featuring Disney Halloween movies.

We hope people will use the courses to form new relationships and continue learning into adulthood – after all, learning is more fun when it’s done with friends.

To sign-up for courses visit: The Road Scholars on Moodle

For more information about the design and philosophy of the project visit our blog: “Life After High School – New Online Courses for Adults With Down Syndrome.”

– Stephanie Holland (c) 2017