Hello Friends! After Jen Jacob was approached by Adams Media to compile a book for new parents, we strove at every turn to create a resource that will be an asset to parents at every life stage. We are pleased to announce that the book is being well received by reviewers in the community.

The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome: Advice, Information, Inspiration, and Support for Raising Your Child from Diagnosis through Adulthood On Amazon includes the “Look Inside” feature, we encourage you to check it out. We hope that you find the tone and content correspond with your goals in parent outreach. If you’re interested in group ordering, here are some options, information to consider.  

#1) Amazon, in general provides a substantial discount to the retail price of 14.99. Right now it’s listing at: 
I mention it because many people also have free Prime shipping and also use the Amazon SMILE feature to also contribute to a Ds or other cause.

#2) Similarly, Barnes & Noble often discounts retail books and offers free shipping and/or free in-store pickup.

#3) Contact the publishers directly. Adams Media will offer you a discount on bulk purchases on 10 books or more.  Carrie Vehr, with F+W/ Adams Media, will give you the further discount details. Her email is Carrie.Vehr – at – fwcommunity.com (you’ll have to type it into your email box, trying to prevent spammer bots. :)) Or you can contact me here via the website and I’ll get you connected.  

What did I forget? Feel free to reach out with questions or comments.