Ok Kids, January/Februaries have been rough on me the last, say…several years, with huge loss and hardships.

This year, I have had some stupid, rough days and am also trying to recover from influenza. Which kicked me in the a**.

Plus, I’m just going to get this off my chest, it was 5 years ago today my mother died. Her end-of-life was…tough, pretty bad actually, and I still haven’t really recovered.

So, obviously, I’m having a “stress test” today and writing/posting much of this from a waiting room. You know, as you do.

Body Vs Brain

My body has focused on the negative, but to be honest, there’s plenty of not-negative to acknowledge. 

In fact, the year-to-date  highlight was a great, whirlwind, birthday celebration where Marcus Marcus and Luke smiling behind huge deep dish pizza with cheese coming off servingintroduced my nephew,  Luke, to Deep Dish Pizza, we laughed a-lot, learned new stuff, and pushed our comfort zones (in a good way!).

Then Marcus hosted a fabulous Beetlejuice group event at the touring Broadway production at the Orpheum. A few years back we saw it in NYC (then a few years later we saw it again.) ANYwhoo, we asked friends and more (and then more) joined us.

Group of people smiling with “It’s Showtime” sign

Marcus and his work friends

To be honest, I was running on adrenaline and alcohol, so the evening remains a bit of a blur for me. (See: recovering from influenza.)

Then Marcus was ever so brave, again. He tried something new, with and in front of strangers, and I’m super proud of him.

He didn’t “make the cut” as some would say. But I *think* he did impress everyone involved and they’ll probably keep an open mind for him to try at another audition/event.  I was hopeful for this one particularly, because it was one of Dede’s favorites. She would have been *SO PROUD* of him at his audition. I know I was/am for sure.

So, now I’m off to show these electrodes that my heart is fine. ❤️