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This Summer – Are You Kidding Me?

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First Pitch

Last night Marcus threw the “first pitch” at our local baseball field, home of the Omaha Storm Chasers. Our DSA, the Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands, invited him to represent. (He took the position seriously check out the fun video at the end of this post of his prep and pitch.) 

Marcus Sikora and Carlos Gonzalez Photography by Jensen Sutta And courtesy of Global Down Syndrome Foundation Marcus Sikora and Carlos Gonzalez Photography by Jensen Sutta
And courtesy of Global Down

We Did It! (Part One)

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Last Thursday Marcus and I went to our state capitol building and testified in support of LB891: The Down Syndrome Diagnosis Information & Support Act.

I’d like to ramble to you a minute about my own state of mind and lucky coincidences, then I will share what Marcus and I each shared as testimony. If you just want the testimony – check out the “short version” here. 

divingCome on in- The Water’s Fine!

Ya know how a swimming pool or

How You and #BlackDayBook can support the Global Down Syndrome Foundation

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Marcus in his Downs Design Jeans as we head to Denver

In a few weeks Marcus, Quinn and I will be at a big, fancy fundraiser called Be Beautiful, Be Yourself. We are excited to be attending this event because, well, while it looks like a lot of fun – it also supports the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Let me tell you a little about Global. When perusing their website you may notice that the most extensive drop down menu is under the category:

A Life of Learning

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Marcus at AshlingIn those first days, when I read about and filled up on “Down syndrome,” one point I held onto was the capacity to learn. I also read that people with Down syndrome, given the opportunity, continue learning. The words “reaching potential” really stuck out to me and I’ve focused on this many times over the years. Perhaps it’s also the protagonist portion of my psyche – but I always think, We can Still do that.  Both “everyday” and  academic milestones, Marcus continues to learn. I try

Response to “Those Mongols”

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“Those Mongols”

The recently publicized quote from a UK public official using the term “mongols” as a descriptor of people with Down syndrome reminded me of the reason I won’t be seeing David Sedaris perform live when he comes through town next year. 

In his book, Naked, David Sedaris tells us about his time as a volunteer at a mental institution during his youth, including this anecdote:

“The day proceeded, everything from a mongoloid teenager with an ingrown toenail to a self-proclaimed swami who had fashioned himself a turban of urine-soaked towels.

Quick updates on our trip so far

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Free write FridayThis book tour trip got started on Sat with our first visit Sunday at GiGi’s Playhouse in Atlanta. Our first hiccup was Marcus came down to breakfast with some red swelling above his left eye. By the time we got to “the gig” I was thinking it was an allergic reaction to…something. The folks at the Playhouse said, “Yeah. Probably Atlanta. Everyone’s allergic to Atlanta right now.”

So we showed the Black Day animated short and Marcus answered some questions and signed

#NeverAlone and Down Syndrome Diagnosis

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It’s Thursday October 1st. That means today is the first day of #DSAM15 – Down Syndrome Awareness Month, or as I like to call it:

Down Syndrome Awareness/Advocacy/Acceptance/(be)Awesome Month!

As a blogger it is my duty to be a part of what I call the Google-War: The battle to get current, positive information into the ether when folks Google the diagnosis Down syndrome. One way we do this is in October when bloggers rise to the challenge of 31 for 21. The mission is to put up a blog Every. Day. (in October.)

Your Day, Change the World, and LifewithDs

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Here on Change the Your World Wed I want to share a project spearheaded by another momma - Meriah Nichols - #LifewithDs Even if, well actually, especially if you don’t have a forum of your own, like a blog or website, go to this spot A Day In the Life with Down Syndrome and share “a day in the life.” Parents, self-advocates, siblings, and/or friends and caregivers, anyone who is a part of the Ds community is welcome to share their story about a day in the life.

Making “The List” of Famous People from Omaha

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Wikipedia has a list called: “List of people from Omaha, NE.” I didn’t exactly count, but did a quick scroll estimate of about 200 people. As this is clearly not a list of all the people from Omaha, I think Wikipeida means to say is, “List of Famous people from Omaha.”

The list includes

folks like Fred Astaire, Warren Buffett, Gerald Ford, Malcom X, you know…the standards we learned in school. It also includes Dave Nelson, a professional skateboarder, Sally Fox, a laywer and politician, and Hallee Leah Hirsh, a young

Books I’d Love for You to Know

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Books Make the Best Gifts

Am I right? Of course! Here’s where I  remind you of a few books for your list, for yourself or for a friend.

Let’s start with fiction

Up_Do🙂  Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers Earlier this year Spider Press released this anthology of very short fiction. The diverse works span genre and style. Since the works are all flash fiction, in this case meaning less than 1000 words


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