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Marcus’ Top 3 Lessons From our NYC Trip

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SO it’s already been about two months since WDSD. I took notes, as I do, while we were there but I also wanted to stew in them a minute, simmer into my consciousness a little from life in the city full of every language, highest of highs and lowest of lows, decadence, poverty, and the arts. Our trip kicked off with March 21 at the United Nations, listening to advocates from around the world; It was amazing and I shared my wrap up of

Teachers Among Us

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speech note

Imagine living in a world where people of influence openly claim someone you love is not worthy of life? Can you imagine what it’s like to have your own child’s value, as a human being, debated? A world where you regularly encounter the opinion of scientists and doctors who are literally working to eliminate the entire segment of humanity of which your child is a part…and it all happens without public outrage.

It’s not hard for me to imagine

And What’s Next?

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“The subconscious has no sense of humor.” This is a lesson in a book by Louise Haye and I experienced it recently.

While Marcus and toured with his book, we were away from home for much of September and October. We weren’t all work, well, Marcus wasn’t all work. (By that I mean that I didn’t book an event every day, and also some events were smaller than expected or even cancelled due to the extreme rains in the Southeast.) That said, while we were away from home I continued to promote as much as

Darth Oz Hates Down Syndrome

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Confession: Sometimes Sunday starts and I don’t feel like Broadway List (Sunday morning writing time with Marcus). Maybe I’ve got my mind full of my own to-do list, maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m just a little too, whatever, to encourage and document Marcus’ enthusiasm. There have been times I’ve asked him to postpone, maybe later that day or maybe even later in the week we will write together. It’s not easy to talk him into this, he very enthusiastically begins each session with, “It’s Time!”

Yesterday began as one of those days. I slept

About – Marcus


Marcus Sikora is a 28 year old creative soul who has Down syndrome and lives in Omaha, Nebraska. He has acted on stage with local and national companies as well as written a short one act.  

His first animated short and book for children is Black Day: The Monster Rock Band, which has been featured on websites both nationally and internationally. He has spoken to groups of all ages, in schools, libraries, book-stores, and even the United Nations!

Writing Down Marcus’ Dreams

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Marcus: Guess What? Me: What? Marcus: High-Def 3D Helmut. I repeat: High-Def 3D Helmut. Marcus: Is the army villain. Me: Ooh, that is a good army villain. Marcus: Write it down.

Write it Down

theatre thursdaySo here I am. I have written it down. This conversation took place just now as I walked up the stairs to my desk. I’m telling you, that mind never stops creating. Ever.

A good thing too, because recently Marcus was asked to write a short one-act for

Marcus’ Stories – The Beginning

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On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of sharing a bit of Marcus and his stories.

100_8085I started with how Bill Waterson prophesized the impact that my son, Marcus, will make in the world, and even a bit of how he’ll do it. Bill Waterson is the writer and illustrator of a cartoon strip called Calvin and Hobbes. I shared the strip that ran on the Sunday of the weekend that over-the-counter science confirmed my pregnancy.  I read it from page one of Marcus’ baby book. You can read it

I’m Afraid of Death

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With one exception, when he goes to heaven he intends to marry Marilyn Monroe. In fact, he often talks fondly of the idea of death because of this idea. I remind him, “That’s a long way away. You can wait for Marilyn Monroe.”

“Yes,” he says, “I’ll wait for heaven.”

But today he also adds, “I’ll wait for the knife...I’ll wait for the gun.”

“Oh? No, honey.”

What I’m smiling at these days

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Ok, first things first, #1 this video!

We are Goo Goo Dolls fans and have been since, oh…before some of you were born. (Well, probably not many under 21 reading this, but possible!) ANYway, Marcus and I have been singing along (and karaoke-ing too) to many a Goo Goo Dolls song over the years.  I even wrapped up the Goo Goo Dolls song “Iris” into a starter review of a few Broadway shows a few years ago. Marcus singing “Iris” is something that will never not rip my heart out. From


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