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How You and #BlackDayBook can support the Global Down Syndrome Foundation

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Marcus in his Downs Design Jeans as we head to Denver

In a few weeks Marcus, Quinn and I will be at a big, fancy fundraiser called Be Beautiful, Be Yourself. We are excited to be attending this event because, well, while it looks like a lot of fun – it also supports the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Let me tell you a little about Global. When perusing their website you may notice that the most extensive drop down menu is under the category:

Free Write Friday – Because I said I would

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Somewhere between looking at the year gone by and looking forward at what is yet to do,

I wonder where the words fit? Words in the ether…

Welcome to the MOST indulgent and repetitive Free Write Friday Yet. You’ve been warned.

Such a long list of subjects in the works but not yet articulated here on Grown Ups & Downs: How we talk about Down syndrome in our house, What makes you different, Should we “just get along?” Vigil for Ethan Saylor, Our Land, Jobs, Sleep, Happy shaming, and on and on. (Most of

Is this the last generation of people with Down syndrome?

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The Job of a Lifetime

Roughly 24 years ago the universe looked over my resume, took into account my previous experience, my qualifications, and my goals and gave me a job that I was totally – I mean utterly – unqualified for. Parent. And as an added bonus and complete surprise, the universe also immediately promoted me, as a show of good faith, to the role of special needs parent. The application process was cleverly disguised, I won’t bore you with those details but the final result was a new lifelong job with very

Words Used Carelessly

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Three years ago while in a fit of rage and passion, I wrote an essay called “Arguing EugenicArguing Eugenicss.”

My son was 20 years old at the time. After the initial drafts were tuned, and honestly even tamed, the real proofing process began.

Can you believe at that time I had never heard of the concept of People First language?

Consequently throughout the initial draft I wrote things like, “a downs child.” My uncle

A conversation with the Shoulder Angels OR The Year’s Update

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T quote collage“So,” the devil on my shoulder asked accusingly, “Exactly What have you accomplished this year?”


My shoulder angel has been harder to keep alert lately, but she wagged her index finger and said, “We haven’t been lolly-gagging.”

“Oh yeah?” the mini-devil persisted. “Well what have you got to show for it! A book?” he yells and spits, “Two Books!?!”


“No…” the angel shuffled her feet and whispered the reply. “But-”

“But, what?”

“Well, we did read a lot of books.” She looked at me hopefully, “Does that count?”

No, the shoulder devil and I agree,

A Case For Changing the World

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Speaking of Changing the World…

Here is a short excerpt from “Arguing Eugenics: a case for changing the world.”

On a micro level, there’s this: have you ever been changed by a person? I have witnessed Marcus literally changing the people around him for the better. His honesty begets honesty. His laughter and innocence beget wonder. I have seen strong, closed men hug him in earnest. I have witnessed strangers get down on one knee to tie his shoes. People go out of their way to be better because Marcus brings this to the table.


Awareness and Advocating to the Reasonable

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There is this nagging voice that insists that all people can be reasoned with, educated. That there are reasons people do really bad, hateful, evil things. That there are reasons why a woman riding the train would punch another woman in the face and stomach and yell at her for being fat. Why someone would think it’s OK to force their own child/brother to starve to death. Why anyone would light anyone on fire.

With each headline I wonder, why?

Ok, here’s some advice, don’t Google Why do people hate - fill in the blank -?

It won’t make you feel better. And by the way, it doesn’t actually answer the question.

Hate makes Headlines

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