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Making “The List” of Famous People from Omaha

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Wikipedia has a list called: “List of people from Omaha, NE.” I didn’t exactly count, but did a quick scroll estimate of about 200 people. As this is clearly not a list of all the people from Omaha, I think Wikipeida means to say is, “List of Famous people from Omaha.”

The list includes

folks like Fred Astaire, Warren Buffett, Gerald Ford, Malcom X, you know…the standards we learned in school. It also includes Dave Nelson, a professional skateboarder, Sally Fox, a laywer and politician, and Hallee Leah Hirsh, a young

In the Omaha World Herald

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Mother-son creative team hope kids’ book is a monster hit” – By Mike Kelly

» Each Sunday for the past decade, Mardra Sikora and son Marcus have sat down to brainstorm ideas for stories.

Marcus, 25, has Down syndrome, and life surely doesn’t keep him down. Next month he will travel with his mother to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta and elsewhere promoting his Halloween-themed children’s book, “Black Day: The Monster Rock Band.”
The book is “by Marcus Sikora with Mardra Sikora,” and she says the tale is definitely his own — a monster band that is alive for only

RIP Sr. Mary Evangeline

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SRE at school

Words In the World Wednesday

This last week I shared a tribute to a woman who made a difference in the lives of many families in my community. As my husband said, “She brought special needs education out of the Stone Age, and virtually single-handedly.” The founder of the Madonna School, Sister Mary Evangeline. I shared my tribute to her on the Madonna School Blog and also The Mighty graciously picked up the story. It made me smile to

When was the unexpected better than what you expected?

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Unexpected Vs Expected


CYWWI think the key to making this question “free your mind from negativity” is to go with the first answer – without overthinking it – that pops in your mind, because that is the most honest answer from your body, and maybe your brain.

 As usual, I had high expectations about the eloquent words and experiences I wanted to share to illustrate this point, and instead I am going to give you a mash-up of the randomness
that has

Celebrating #WDSD2014 and The Good Life Tour

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World Down Syndrome Day is a big deal.

In 2011, For the first time I witnessed a large and influential set of worlddownsyndromedaypeople speaking in favor of my son’s rights and discussing the path to improving his health and longevity. It was the first time I saw groups of self-advocates standing side-by-side with international decision makers. I sat watched all of this from home via the UN website.  So much information, my brain practically seeped from my ears. 

This year’s focus is on: “Health and Wellbeing – Access

It’s Time We Talked About Where I’ve Been

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It’s time I confessed

I’ve been, well…seeing other people. Not in an unfaithful sort of way. You are, and always will be, my first love.  And by love I mean, web-readers.

It would be a lie if I said you were my first blog, but we don’t need to go into all of that right now.

“Who is she? This other blog?” You ask.


I answer. And Pause.


Surely, you knew…

Getting Around

Seriously, before this conversation gets any weirder,
I wanted to share where I’ve been and where else I’ll be on the world-wide-web.

Two Messages of Hope in Great Loss

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A Gift

When Marcus was born, an uncle of his father thought it would be nice to give me the gift of the book,Angel Unaware: A Touching Story of Love and Loss by Dale Evans Rogers. From the liner notes: “Written in a poignant, tender style, Angel Unaware is the compassionate story of Down’s Syndrome child, Robin Elizabeth Rogers, daughter of Roy and Dale Evans Rogers. A timeless message of hope and faith for parents of Down’s Syndrome children, as well as for those with other illnesses, this enduring

Sikora Publications



Print and E-Books

Marcus Sikora with Mardra Sikora

Black Day: The Monster Rock Band

Available on Amazon, at Barnes and, at The Bookworm in Omaha and HERE:

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The Work Club


Marcus dubbed he and I The Work Club many years ago.

Although my work is done from home, now. He says we’re still the club.  But he’s added another, The Meeting Club.  No surprises there either, as he traipses with me to many a meeting on projects we keep our fingers in. Here are a few of the current campaigns and active online involvements:

Articles on The Huffington Post Blog:

Huffington Post mardra sikora

Articles on The Medium

Mardra Sikora

The Madonna School and Workshop



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