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What are the Odds with Kimchi Latkes

2015-05-12T12:24:08-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , , |

Kimchi Latke'sI was asked once, what brands of wine I prefer, I replied with the honest answer that I most often pick wine by the one with the cool label. (Very fancy wine drinker, I am.) I’ve found many a great blog this same way. Take today’s guest, the momma from the blog Kimchi Latkes: Spicy Taters! How can you not want to read a blog with that name? And it’s an adventure, a beautiful adventure, every time. Hers is one of the blogs I read

What are the Odds – WalkersvilleMom

2015-05-09T23:34:10-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , |

The Road We've SharedNow, to meet Stephanie. Where to begin? I guess for starters you should know that she and I each take turns being the “evil twin.” Some people when they meet learn to finish each other’s sentences. Stephanie and I, instead, start each other’s sentences, and someday when we meet in real life, we’ll probably never finish a sentence between us. She’s one smart cookie that’s pushed by love to go out and change the world. But that, you will shortly see for yourself. Here we go!

What are the Odds – Amy Dietrich Hernandez

2015-05-09T23:33:35-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , |

Charles- CAnother roll of the dice and another momma you need to meet.

She’s a blogger who, well, I’ll leave it to her:

“I do have a blog and have had approximately 47 others. The current one is Concave Bed, Concave Life. I mostly hope to reach people that think that life could not possibly be “normal” when you have kids with issues; and, that ALL kids have issues. Parenting is hard to do well, no matter what.”


What are the Odds – Karen and Josh G

2015-05-09T08:45:56-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , |

karen and josh

Our next guest to play the odds is another parent of an adult with Down syndrome who we have met via the miracle of the World Wide Web: Karen Gregoire, aka Josh’s mom. I’ve had the pleasure of doing podcasts, presentations, and interviews with Karen, she is a super busy woman and I am delighted she is sharing with us today! Let’s see what she rolled:

(1,6) Did your child have heart surgery? At what age? Give us 21 words or less

What are the Odds with Dana Hemminger

2015-04-29T13:24:11-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , , |

what are the oddsSo Excited to share with you a Quick Fun Series we’re doing here on Grown Ups and Downs in honor of Marcus’ birthday, all of the upcoming excitement, and the great community we’ve met over these past two years. I asked a few of our new friends to roll the dice five times, I have made a list of 36 questions (one for each dice possibility) and they are answering the question based on their roll.

Let me introduce the first

3 Great Ways to Rock Halloween

2017-10-08T10:10:23-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , , , |

I’m #SurprisedNotSurprised at how many families tell me that Halloween is a favorite holiday, especially for people with Down syndrome. We could wax theories, compare stereotypical and atypical attitudes about the drama, the costumes, the candy, the alter-ego (villain and super-hero), opportunities to roam the streets in a judgement free zone, or –  OR we could just recognize that Halloween is a fun holiday that allows for people across

Grown Ups and Downs – A Down Syndrome Blog


Mother Teresa taught, “You cannot do great things in this world, only small things with great love.” I hope that sharing Marcus with you in this Down syndrome blog will change his world, and your world, too, for the better. That’s why we are here.

In 2013 I asked Google about healthy adults with Down syndrome. It replied with the sound of crickets and a tumbleweed floated across the screen.

So we started this Down syndrome blog, and the world opened up. We have made many new friends and met many valuable advocates. This website is in part a

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I Cried Every Year on My Son’s Birthday

2020-06-13T17:55:41-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , , , |

Baby!I cried when he turned one and I knew heart surgery was on the horizon. I cried when he turned five and we were fighting with the public schools. When he turned 11, and…Why did I cry when he turned 11?

I sat next to my dad and said, “My birthdays don’t bother me. His make me a wreck.”

“That’s because you’re getting old.” My father suggested with his normal tact and compassion.

Measuring the Year

2019-12-22T11:05:32-06:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , |

“Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?”


I measure in lessons, in losses, in failures, in wins, and of course, in words. Each of these are compiled in spreadsheets (as I force the abstract into quantifiable cells) and many bits shared right here, under the public eye. Hmm, the public forum. For those of you following along, you may recall the first post of 2019 began:

Oh. My. God. This effing January.

So, there’s that.

I didn’t “triumph” over 2019, like my public facing plan. And for 2020, I’m still

#DSAM2014 Wraps Up and Free Write Friday

2014-10-31T13:14:14-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , |

Down Syndrome Awareness Month, what did we accomplish?

Well, we pitched into the Google war, battling the negative with the positive, one hopes. We shared outside of our community and we bantered, again and more, within the community. For my own blog, I only accomplished 20 for 21 this year instead of 31 for 21. But I am very thankful to Big Blueberry Eyes for the challenge and the host. Well Played!


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