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From The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome:

Note from the Author: Seriously, College!  

I love that the options for continuing education are acknowledged and accepted for our adult children with Down syndrome. My son took a class at our local community college and is looking into taking more in the future. In fact, we’re thinking of taking a class or two together. The Think College website, at, currently lists 240 college programs across the country for individuals with developmental disabilities. I expect that’s not even all of them, as the community college Marcus enrolled in, with the help

The Human Trisome Project: Are You Ready?

 Photography by Jensen Sutta And courtesy of Global Down Syndrome Foundation Photography by Jensen Sutta
And courtesy of Global Down Syndrome Foundation

I am not a trained medical professional or scientific-terminology inclined. I am, however, a parent. Which for many people is the catalyst into an array of verbiage regarding anatomy, new medical issues, etc. For me, that’s when I began to learn about genetics and diagnoses previously unknown (or little known) to me.

As I became an advocate, I learned of more, new (to me) medical

National Down Syndrome Congress – NDSC

NDSC has a great, helpful website. The Conference that rocks the nation – and beyond!
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Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Global’s Mission, Vision and Values

Our goal is to significantly improve the lives of people with Down syndrome through Research, Medical Care, Education and Advocacy. We work to educate governments, educational organizations and society in order to affect legislative and social changes so that every person with Down syndrome has an equitable chance at a satisfying life.

Read more about our mission, vision and values.

From me in 2015:

Let me tell you a little about Global. When perusing their website you may notice that the most extensive

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