Marcus holding the US flag while in Glasgow during the World Down Syndrome Congress

It’s that time of year! We reflect and try to comprehend how another year has flashed by so quickly. This one was a doozy, with high highs and low lows. Taking a look at which blogs this year were, well, actually read, demonstrated the variety of themes we learned and shared in 2018.

From Iceland

Of course, the most important lesson this year came from Marcus’ actions and his general living wisdom. We were lucky to make an international appearance this year. Marcus shared Black Day: The Monster Rock Band at the World Down Syndrome Congress. We met cool people from around the world, the whole experience was, as you may imagine, amazing. However, before all that amazing happened, Marcus did Marcus (and I did me) while on a layover in Iceland. Check it out here: “What Marcus Taught Me in Iceland” (#1 New One in 2018)

Let’s Talk About Love

In February I joined in a blog-hop the #LoveBlog. I virtually met writers outside of my typical community and enjoyed reading and sharing perspectives on the themes prepared by Bella Brita. I put some heart into these. (Heart?! Get it! Sigh…) Honestly though, both Legacy of Love (#4 New One 2018) and Learning to Celebrate Love were labors of, well, love…to write, and I’m glad they met eyes outside of our normal “zone.”


We had another great year of theatre. We had two Broadway trips, West End in London, and also the shows that come through Omaha (including a meeting with a huge influence on Marcus, in Back to School (of Rock)!). But none so impactful as Amy and the Orphans, my review made the list (#7 New One 2018). Marcus’ reactions and insights, however, were more read and shared. Maybe you’ll see why here: Marcus Speaks His Truth (#5 New One 2018)


My phone does this cool thing where is spontaneously makes videos. This one made me smile, so I shared it and what thoughts it brought up. Who Imagined this Future? (#2 New One 2018)


Marcus and I continued to give speeches this year. One was at the Ollie Webb Gala here in Omaha. This piece includes a video clip of Marcus on stage as well as the theme of our presentation: A Community of Can. (#3 New One 2018)

Marcus and Grandma Sam and Grandpa Gene, Christmastime 2017

The Hard Bits

Sometimes right alongside the highs of life, we experience the heart-shattering lows. We are so lucky to have so many close, dysfunctional and full of love, family members and friends. This means we also have loss. 2018 was a rough one, but as before, Marcus helps us through. Tips from Marcus about Dealing with Death (#6 New One 2018)

It’s a Guess, Really.

Blogging is weird. I put these words into the ether and analytics tell me people stopped, but I don’t know who, or why, or what they (you) think most of the time. So, this is what I glean – but who knows? The “Ranks” I ordered account for the number of page views, length of time on page, and also what I liked.

This year I wrote more for me than for “purpose.” Right or wrong, who knows on that either? When it comes to writing and publishing in 2018, I hit about 75% goal. Ah well…I’m thankful to have you, the reader.

2019 is right around the corner, new goals already in motion. I hope to see you all there!