Wow – The Last Four Short Years…

Marcus in his Downs Design Jeans as we head to Denver – June 2014

When I think of Marcus’ first audition to model at the “Be Beautiful, Be Yourself” Fashion show, I marvel at how far he has come. Back then he struggled to give a real smile and moved stiffly across the stage. What a journey!

Still, some attitudes from his first audition continue to be true today. That night in 2014 when the audition ended, he walked from the theatre and said, “I won!”  He was right. Showing up and doing your best at the thing, the often-scary thing,  is a win.

It took 3 auditions to get to the “big stage” but never discount the courage it takes to try.

What a Week!

Fast forward, let’s go back to Tuesday night of last week, Marcus and I spoke as part of the educational series hosted by our local DSA. These things always come with a lot of preparation and a little anxiety. We got through it with no one throwing old fruit or falling asleep, so that’s a plus. We will be sharing the line-up of topics and videos from that night very soon.  (Added here: Here is the full line-up of links from our presentation in “Let’s Talk and Share.”)

Wednesday morning, I headed to Indianapolis for a few days of a trade conference for my “real job.” I met with long-time colleagues and new connections too. So again, a plus. When I arrived in Denver on Friday afternoon, just in time to freshen up for a welcome reception, I discovered…

Quinn and Marcus drove from Omaha and guess what didn’t make the trip? My dresses and Marcus’ suits. Oops!

Fortunately, I was in business wear which was appropriate for the reception party and there was one nice Marcus shirt that made it.

By the way, Quinn looked great.


While we mingled with the other out-of-towners who came in for the big night, I shared our dilemma and learned that Nordstrom’s does tailoring in 4 hours. Whew! I felt better with that info and a plan.

Saturday AM Marcus and I went to the mall on a mission. Of course, the first thing he picked out was a hat, so he built his outfit around it. He did the mixing, matching, and deciding plus a little wooing of the sales help, and Boom! We were going to be OK and dressed. (Seriously, shout out to Nordstrom’s for saving the day!)

The Big Event

This year Marcus shared the runway in a trio celebrity line up.

One) Brandon McManus, the tall and kind kicker for the Denver Broncos.

Two) Destiny Weldon, a self-advocate from Aurora, CO who not only knows how to walk a runway and strike a pose, she also proved how to work the crowd.

Three) The Marcus Sikora, author, Global Ambassador, speaker…

After the fashion show we squeezed our way into the bar and Marcus gave a copy of Black Day to Amanda Booth, so she can share it with her little boy, Micah.

He also gave a copy to another new friend and then, he provided an autographed book to Jeremy Renner. Who was delighted.

He and Marcus shared a moment, I’m not going to tell you what was said here – maybe someday, but right now it’s potentially a spoiler…

By the way, Sunday morning as they were on their way to meet friends, Marcus told Quinn, “I won last night!”

You’re right Marcus, you absolutely won. Again.

I was a great weekend for a great organization and I have more words across the interwebs, check it out and share! Great pics of the models here on The Mighty: Models With Down Syndrome Shine at Celebrity Filled Event

Zack Gottsagen wooed us all with his acceptance speech and dance moves, check out more about that here: Colin Farrell and Zack Gottsagen Receive Excellence in Advocacy Awards at Star-Studded Event

And The Weekend my Son became a Broncos Fan!

One more pic for the road. 🙂