The Future and Other Twists

A collection of short and super-short stories is now available on Kindle for $2.99 here: The Future and Other Twists: A collection of short and super-short stories

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Four short speculative fiction stories lead-in to seven flash fiction twists that follow, each a quick and enjoyable read. Fantasy, history and fable are all included; the stranger the tale the more it exemplifies the human condition. Are you ready to twist out those truths?




“Essay: Arguing Eugenics”


Arguing Eugenics: a case for changing the world” is an essay by advocate and speaker, Mardra Sikora. Mrs. Sikora addresses the issue of entire nations becoming “Down syndrome free” and argues the case for children considered to be imperfect. Filled with facts about Down syndrome, quotes from specialists, and personal anecdotes, this quick read will leave you with a clearer picture of the power of potential.

This is not an essay about Pro-Choice or Pro-Life. This essay is directed towards: Parents-to-be who want a child, the families of those parents, and the health care providers that work with those parents. It is these three groups that make eugenics possible or stop its progression. It is a  Tom Howard/John H. Reid Fiction & Essay Contest 2014 Finalist.



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