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Marcus Sikora with Mardra Sikora

Black Day: The Monster Rock Band

Available on Amazon, at Barnes and, at The Bookworm in Omaha and HERE:

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Also by Mardra Sikora

  • The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome:

PGTDS - bAdvice, Information, Inspiration, and Support for Raising Your Child from Diagnosis through Adulthood

Co-Authored with Jen Jacob, this is a really long subtitle for a relatively short book PACKED with resources and front-line information for parents. Published by Adams Media and slated for release in January of 2016. It is available for pre-sale via Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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• Essay Arguing Eugenics: A Case for Changing the World

arguing-eugenics-mardra-sikora-300px“Arguing Eugenics: a case for changing the world” is an essay by advocate and speaker, Mardra Sikora. Mrs. Sikora addresses the issue of entire nations becoming “Down syndrome free” and argues the case for children considered to be imperfect. Filled with facts about Down syndrome, quotes from specialists, and personal anecdotes, this quick read will leave you with a clearer picture of the power of potential. It is a Tom Howard/John H. Reid Fiction & Essay Contest 2014 Finalist.

Available on Amazon.


The Future and Other Twists: A Collection of Short and Super-Short Stories  Available in Print or Ebook.TFOT-books


• Short fiction and non-fiction included in Anthologies:

Up-Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers

From evocative family dramas to memorable coming-of-age tales to science fiction adventures, these brief but heartfelt stories offer a glimpse into many fascinating worlds. Award-winning authors such as Kathryn Kulpa, Donna Hill and Catherine Edmunds (and me :)) convey laughter and pain with masterful precision. Buy Here at Spider Road Press.


  • Forging Freedom Volume II

originalWhether we struggle against an external oppressor or battle our mind for control, humans desire freedom. In Forging Freedom Volume 2, nineteen authors examine freedom—and the situations that threaten it. Some of the stories are true, based on experience or history handed down through the generations. Others are imagined—mere stretches of reality and the ways it might be pulled away from freedom. This eclectic mix of freedom-themed stories covers the spectrum, including such ideas as longing for one’s native land, earning communal grading, being forced to donate an organ, battling mental illness, and fighting for the right to give birth to a child regardless of its genetics. (Guess which story is mine. :))  You can buy from Freedom Forge Press here.





  • Fine Lines Literary Journals

Anthologies available here.

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