Free write FridayThis book tour trip got started on Sat with our first visit Sunday at GiGi’s Playhouse in Atlanta. Our first hiccup was Marcus came down to breakfast with some red swelling above his left eye. By the time we got to “the gig” I was thinking it was an allergic reaction to…something. The folks at the Playhouse said, “Yeah. Probably Atlanta. Everyone’s allergic to Atlanta right now.”

So we showed the Black Day animated short and Marcus answered some questions and signed autographs. However, he wasn’t really his normal self  which made me worried about how he felt. Afterwards on the drive up to Knoxville he said he “apologized to the kids” in Atlanta.

Truly, I think everyone there though he was pretty fine, they received us lovely, and all went well…but when we don’t feel good then we’re off.

SO anyway, I bought some allergy medicine at a gas station (mmm, gas station allergy medicine) and hoped for the best. His eye looked better, but not perfect, later in the day. I gave him a second dose that night before bed. The next day he was in much better spirits.

Marcus and Charley fbWe got to meet our online friends the Palmer Family – YEA!

Pretty happy about that, we had a great dinner with them then did a reading at New Hope Church where I explained to a woman inquiring that yes, people with Down syndrome have a wide variety of skills and talents. She was very impressed with the book and Marcus’ story, like she didn’t even think something like this was ever even possible. SO, I felt like we made an impact there. Some days I feel we can only teach one person at a time.

Then, Marcus and I spent two days in a cabin in Ashville, a gig there didn’t pan out but that’s ok cause Marcus used the time to recharge and I replied to emails.  

Then we headed further south. Today we showed the animated short to about 300 first graders in the lovely town of Toccoa, GA. Marcus said he was the pretend teacher. He gave advice on writing a story and he answered questions about the book/movie.

BUT – last night I noticed the place where his eye was swollen has a little mark – like a bite maybe? And his other cheek is red and puffy. ACK. After we met the kids, which was in the early hours (Too early – Marcus kept telling me) I gave him allergy medicine again today.

Tomorrow is a big party at Musical Innovations then we move on to the next stop. Woop Woop!

SO all the things I worried about – haven’t really been a problem. New worries instead. Thanks Universe.

The timer has gone off and I didn’t even get to the Barber shop story. Well, that can nbe summed up with the Facebook Post – check it out and definitely read the comments, makes the whole thing more worthwhile.

K – Free Write Friday and Day 2 of #DSAM15. I hope I get more than 15 minutes to tell you more soon…