Free write FridayI read a copy, the first copy actually, of a new short story book last night, and I have to tell you, I really enjoyed bits. I think my favorite is a story called “Lucky Shoes,” about a man named Q and his quirky relationship with his shoes. It’s speculative fiction, but not too sciency or dark. Still, I laughed at a bit of the social commentary. I wonder if you’ll like it too? I hope to know soon, as the Kindle edition may be “up” this weekend and print copies available almost immediately as well. (Those in “the club” will get prompt notifications and links.)

Who has time to read? You’re possibly thinking. I hear ya! Everyone is busy and with October, aka Down Syndrome Awareness Month, barreling down on us, well time is doing her frantic dance. This year, I’m planning to lay it a bit cool during DSA month, because next year, as you all know, will be C-R-A-Z-Y. We’ll be promoting Marcus’ Black Day as much as possible, rocking the circuit, I expect. That said, we hope to give everyone a little sneak this month into Noah’s workings. And Marcus really needs to get cracking on book Two.

TicketforEthan_lgHaving a few blogs on the Huffington Post has been an honor for me. This week’s was a tough write and has been what I’d call a “slow burn.” The “shares” have been inching up each day and seem to come from moms, like me, not any of the “Nationals.” All I can hope is that it gives the Saylor family comfort to see the voices of those who understand and it gives those in Frederick County enough info and rage to get out and vote. (If you want to help on that front, you can “Buy Ethan’s Ticket” for only $10 to contribute to the election of a new sheriff.)

OK – Well the timer actually blinked a few minutes ago. So it’s time for me to wrap up this week’s Free Write Friday. Love ya! – Mardra