Looking Forward

In a few weeks I’m going to a conference I really enjoy. The DSDN (Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network) Rockin’ Mom conference. I’ll be presenting and sharing at several sessions.

The two other years I’ve been able to join this party, I’ve been the mom with the oldest child. (We always clarify, “Moms of older kids” not “older moms.” Words matter! Ha!)

I’ll be sharing this year about writing/blogging and advocacy with storytelling. I’m on a panel with other moms of older kids. And I’m giving a big speech on self-care.

I’ll tell them a bit about what I wish I knew.  Maybe talk a birth story or two. And for sure how wholey unquaified I am for this job. There are certainly a few lessons I’ll be sharing on how *not* to (fill in many a blank) based on my learning the long way around.

 The Hard Way

As a teenager, the sun (and the highway) called me west. The song “Wide Open Spaces” always reminds me of that feeling.

“Room to make the big mistakes.”

And I did.

Some people say they wouldn’t change their past because their mistakes have led them to where they are. I think, given the chance, that’s not true. It’s a pointless speculation, obvi, because we never get the chance to redo…Yet, we can learn and even teach from our decisions and their consequences. I hope I do and can.

Now, let’s be clear, I don’t believe “hindsight is 20/20,” either. In fact, I think anything seen through the prism of memory is magnified and distorted like a unique kaleidoscope for each viewer, even of the same event!

Storms Behind Me

There are so many storms in my rear view mirror. Storms and also vivid, bright skies. When I look ahead, are there clear skies? How long before the clouds catch up to me…again? Will the storm barrel forward to overcome me or will I outpace it? Is that a rainbow trying to contrast, come out of the darkness?

August is my birthday month. Birthdays collide reflection with anticipation. It’s the nature of marking the passage of time.

Looking Back

And the rear view mirror isn’t precise, you know, there is slight deception in the view.


Looking forward, looking back, checking the mirrors. Hmmm.


It’s getting dark and there’s still such a long way to go.

 I hope to see you there.



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