This is an oldie.
I hope you like it.
Just for fun. 🙂

It was the start of February and I asked my husband how he likes our Valentine’s Day Tree.  The small tree put up for Christmas that was still displayed  in our  living room.  “The angels are really cupids” I tell him, “cuddling snowmen are appropriate.”

The thing is, I barely had time to put up the tree before Christmas and I haven’t had any time since to put it away.  I’m so tired.

They tell me if I eat better I’ll have more energy.

One of my brother's awesome photos. (c) Timothy Wright

One of my brother’s awesome photos. (c) Timothy Wright

They tell me if I exercise I’ll have energy.

I don’t  have time to do these things!

They say I should make time.

Make time?  What is that?  Does someone have the recipe for time?  I need  this.

Right now I feel like I’m being directed to a blank cookbook.  I know how to Make time about as much as I know how to make  Crème Brulee.  I don’t even know where to start.

I’m staring at the blank pages going – Wait!  What order do I mix the ingredients?

How long does it need to baste, simmer, and bake?

Is it a smidge of  exercise and a cup of vitamins?

Or 20 minutes of Yoga basted in 8  cups of water?

Do I have to go to the organic health store for the ingredients or can I substitute RedBull from the Supermarket?

Then I read, “There is time and space for everything.”

And “You must  find the time.” Oh! Find the time.

That’s better than Make the time.

Find the time implies that I’ve got it here, somewhere, it’s just hidden or perhaps – put away somewhere.

Yes!  I’ll just Find the time.

Now, where did I leave it?  I’ll just go back and follow my footsteps.

Where did I have time last?

Before Christmas?

No, too busy putting  up the tree.

Fall?  No.

Summer? God no.

Last winter I had some time because I was recovering from surgery.

My hysterectomy -–OH NO!

The biological clock –

They weren’t serious about that; I mean…

it’s just a metaphor, right?  They didn’t actually take out my own personal time clock!

I’m in a panic here, now.  I mean that should have been made clearer on the consent form:





Alright, before I call the attorneys about this (and I might have to, when I get a minute) I better be sure that I’ve checked every nook and cranny first.  Because, really, that would be embarrassing if I found the time while I was suing for time.


I’ll have to look under the bed, in the closet, maybe I left it in the kitchen cupboard –

perhaps  it’s with the rosemary.


Where did you last leave time? Or do you make it instead?