theatre thursdayWithin the last week or so, Marcus and I have enjoyed a few of our favorite performers/shows.

The Red Green Show

Last Wed we headed to Lincoln to see Red Green Live. If you don’t know Red Green, well, it’s tricky to explain. It’s basically a show about old guys and the crazy handy – and not so handy – things they do when left to their own devices. The show is more monologue/dialogue than action. So it’s only fitting that Marcus has been a devoted fan ever since we stumbled across the show many many years ago.

It made such an impact on him that he would recite The Man’s Prayer at school and at family gatherings any time we said grace before a meal. I don’t think anyone else knew that’s what the little guy was mumbling – but I did – and it made me smile. He also knows the Latin-kind of – Possum Lodge Oath. Check out the fun here:

You can get the book that sparked the tour here: Or browse the list of options here: red green

Then Wicked

Then on Sunday we saw the Broadway Across America Tour of Wicked at the Omaha Orpheum Theatre. This is Marcus’ third time seeing the show. No less excited.

He had to be extra patient because, in honor of this classic tale, a real life twister threatened to drop. We sat in our seats, not so patiently, and “waited out” the storm. Fortunately, there was still wi-fi and they kept the bar open – so no one had to rough it, really.

After all that, the performances did not disappoint. Marcus has decided he’d like to play a flying monkey on the next tour. If you haven’t seen Wicked, do. Do! So many great songs and powerful themes. Here’s just one:

“I’m through accepting limits cause someone says they’re so!”
 If you feel like getting blown away – wondering what is all the fuss – watch this 🙂

Tonight Marcus performs in a short play with his peers from the Ollie Webb Center. 

We’ll tell you all about that next week!

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